Is pokemon go being against you?

Let me know if Pokemon Go has been/is against you. For me, it is. Not only my city spawns total rubbish, but raiding here is nightmare. Not only that, filling my Pokedex is because of spawns super slow, and i still hasn’t finished gen 1, and i guess that i will finish it (if my motivation will still last) when gen 5 will be released. Also, 2/3 of my super-rare catches had terrible cp (with exeption of super-good Lapras i caught when i was in hospital), but Pokemon Go seems to not care about players that really like to play it, but simply doesn’t have too much time, because (most) people have something called work/school and personal things. And because of all of that, i got only to level 29 (got it today), but also there’s one more depressing thing in Pokemon Go. They’re legendaries. I technically get few chances to get it, which 2 of them was ruined by unfair players (im looking at you, Valor and some Mystic), 1 of them was ruined by unpreparation (discovered one specific raid during school), and i was unable to finally take it down (thanks battery) and only another 2 was actually chance to catch one, but both of them (including last Entei day in europe and Suicune few days later) failed since they both fleed mostly because i was only one from Instinct, so i got minimum amount of rubbish balls. Now to additionally beat me, EX Raids happened. I was soooooooooooo lucky to get invited for one, but i later i realised that this raid will last during school, so i got beat down in motivation for pokemon go. I’m still playing it, but until it gets more balanced, i’m playing just to get day streak bonuses and hatch eggs. I hope that you enjoyed that poem i guess. If you have similar situation, i feel you.


I feel sorry about your past experience. Many of us even didn’t get any invitations so that you’re still one of the luckiest player. Don’t worry, your chance of getting another invitation is still greater than normal players. Mewtwo awaits you.

Maybe we take all this too personally?
Take a spare time, and think in the big group of players, not in the individual. Think about different time-zones, different concentrations of players, … You can’t ask them to have you in account, it’s impossible. They do what they do first for their money-bag, after for the mayor group which pays, after for the next group in paying, then the next who pays, … and in the end they think in the free players. The last group is important, but only in publishing notes about participation.
They will NOT change anything in the game because of this last group.
And if you have payed in any moment, your not important, because you are ONE, and if you don’t pay more, it doesn’t matter in the sum.

Many players are in your situation the world over, but haven’t had an EX raid invite. Maybe if you change the way you think about it & set some goals (little goals you can complete one by one) it can get better.
When I hit level 30 I realised I had to get a lot more XP to make it to the next few levels so here are some tips;

  1. Buy some lucky eggs
  2. We’ve got a double candy event on for the next few days so take advantage. Those rubbish spawns you’re getting now can be used to grind your way through to level 30 but you have to catch lots. You’ve got 5 days until the event ends (its Friday morning here now) and you need 350,000 XP to get to level 30.
  3. Set a goal for yourself, for example, maybe see if you can get 50,000 XP in one day by catching as many mons as you can then evolving them with a lucky egg. Then the next day, see if you can get 55,000 XP, then 60,000 XP (and you’ve got a whole weekend ahead of you to get out and grind those mons)
  4. If you haven’t joined yet, see if you can join a local Facebook group or discord chat for raid groups in your area to raid before & after school. If you can do a legendary raid with a lucky egg it’s 20,000 XP. If you can organise to be there for one raid per day you’ve got potentially 70,000 XP per day which should be enough to get you to level 30 in 5 days.
  5. Remember this game is long term. They make it harder to level up so you play for longer but there are ways to make it easier to level up. This is a marathon, not a sprint!
  6. The Halloween event may almost be finished but the next legendary is almost here so LOTS of people will be wanting to raid to catch the current legendary (people who have left it to the last week), then those who want to fill their pokédex quickly will be raiding from the moment the new legendary is released so there should be lots of time for you to do raids.
  7. Remember this is just a game! If you’re not having fun, maybe you need a little break. Pokemon Go is not going anywhere.
    And if you want tips on raiding, maybe have a look at my post: How to maximise your chances of catching raid bosses & legendaries

Thanks, i got invitation, that’s already great, even though it got already wasted.

You may consider it as your step of Pokemon GO milestone.


Actually, i have some sort of preparation + level-up goal: Do as many 2-star raids on lucky egg with some evolutions as many as possible, since i can beat 2-star raid with two phones, but still, thanks!


i feel like this is worth being here as well.
This is the problem I have when doing raids.

So surely I would be ready. I have every Pokemon Go player in my town and the next here. We all agree to take part as long as it takes. We arrive in plenty of time, all have plenty of space and agree to restart if someone crashes. So we should beat the raid. But we don’t beat it. Even with 8 or 9 players we fail. Plenty of stops in my town but about 10% as many in the next, despite its bigger size. Spawns are sparse in both towns although there are a few semi-nests that have about 40 spawns combined, across both towns. What this means is that the lack of spawns and stops in the other town means that they are all very low leveled (level 12 to 25 and 1 level 29). The problem with this is this is 5 of our 9 or 4 of our 8. In my town, with more stuff, we are higher level. The lowest is 29, then there is 30, 34 and 36. I am the level 34. Me and the level 36 have good meta counters for the raids. Now if it is a level 1 raid it is easily soloable. With level 2 it is a push for the lower levels to do it in a group of 2, but for the highest levels it is soloable. Level 3 is doable with a group of 2, 3 or 4 but when a level 4 raid pops up it is unbeatable with all 9 of us. Usually the level 12 doesn’t turn up, but it doesn’t make a huge difference. Level 5 raids are completely impossible. When the game was still a little bit popular, we managed to get a group of 6, from my town alone (the linking road was closed so it was a 10 mile drive rather than a 0.5 mi walk…). We probably got about 2% off Articuno, although at the time we were levels 16, 24, 25, 27, 32, and 34 - not the highest.