Is my account gone?

I am a long time lurker but a first time poster. I have been playing for years and have a level 40 account. I am active, logging in several times/ day.

Thursday 10/3 everything is great. Last Friday 10/4 I cannot login, it said that I was “Unable to sign in, please check that the account exists” I figured this was a glitch with a new patch, it has happened before but it cleared up within a day.

That evening my son logged into his account and he could see me in his friends list.

Saturday morning 10/5 I am still getting the same login error message. In the afternoon when I tried to login I get Professor Oak explaining how to be a new trainer which makes it look like my account has been deleted? When my son logs into his account he can no longer see me in his friends list!

Sunday and today same thing.

I am wondering what happened, was I banned? I have not received any emails from Niantic to that effect, only something explaining new shirts I can buy for my avatar.

I looked on the FAQ page and it wants me to use the help system in game but that does not work unless I can get in. I found one form that I filled out and submitted that gave me an auto response on how to recover my google password. I don’t need that so I am hoping the community can give me some ideas on what to do.

Thank you for any help!

If you had been banned, you could log in, but you had a screen noticing you about this situacion.

So the problem has to be in another site. The automatic answers are allways the worst, so I hope that some user has a help, or (I haven’t much hope) that somebody of Niantic will read your message… :thinking:


Ok so heres something that actually happened this week on Reddit:

Original Post with story similar to yours

Update on that situation

Yaaaay, your account is salvagable.
Problem: It pretty much takes a Reddit front page post to do so…

Here is the link to a niantic contact form (if it doesnt work let me know and ill explain more how to get there yourself). You are probably looking at alot of correspondence between yourself and NIA before you get any results but this is your best hope at the moment.
Getting a good support person is a bit like raiding for shiny legendarys… 1 in 20. But you might be lucky and get it on the first try.

Good luck.


Some in a discord was Saying people were getting banned for no reason

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Different issue @Cup :wink:

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My bad

That’s that issue. :wink:

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