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Is it time for Niantic to make a localized in-game raid map?

TL;DR: Create a localized raid map that let’s us see what’s nearby within a 5-10km radius. Certain features should be the ability to add your trainer name (hide trainer name optional) to the gym before/after the egg hatches, tabs to set your arrival time, cancel your attendance (this should trigger a cool down), and a help tab to see if anyone can assist. You can only commit to one raid that you want to attend at a time. Under age trainers wouldn’t have access to these features.

In the beginning…

it was really easy to find nearby raids for any person who liked going out and lived in an active area to play Pokémon Go. Everyone was calling them out around the clock and we’d just hop in our cars, on our bikes, skate or walk over if we were nearby to battle. There were Discord, WhatsApp and Telegram groups emerging, some used Facebook and beyond. We were all incredibly proactive and it was insanely fun.

But as time progressed things began to change as our interests began to differ. Lots of times the raid bosses were just not interesting and so people just didn’t feel the need to go raid. We all still raid today but raiding locally is no longer efficient due to how easy it is to remote raid. Don’t get me wrong, I love remote raids. If not for them I wouldn’t be able to raid for specific Pokémon after hours or when I’m out grinding and nothing good pops up. And that is why I feel we need an edge for in-person raids now. Enter the raid map.

A raid map that has a 5-10km radius would help solve a lot of issues going forward for in-person raids. I can’t tell you how many times that I lose out on using my free and premium passes because I can’t find raids that I want to use them on from my nearby. Whether I’m going to or from work, the store or just going out to play I won’t see any raid egg or any raid boss that interests me and because of that my passes sit in my bag collecting dust. This never happens with my remote passes.

In conclusion, I think working on a raid map would greatly help revitalize local communities. Because if it’s one thing remote raids have shown us it’s that people still love to raid. People still like to help others and work together for a common cause as long as their interests are aligned. We just need a way to find people who are interested. Locally of course.


this is going to be a feature of the upcoming social app, campfire. It’s going to roll out any time soon.

Coming to campfire— currently invite only :frowning: