Is it possible to get two stamps in the same day?

Early I concluded one field search and got one stamp, but now at night I concluded another field mission and got another stamp. Now I have 2 stamps from April 1. Is it this possible or it’s probably a bug?

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No. Even changing timezone doesnt work.

I’ve completed multiple quests over 12 hours in one day(not constant play) and only got one so is probably a big. But still lucky you!!

This happened to someone in our group, he doesn’t know why

Glitch idk why neither. But it can’t be forced is what i’m saying. i never play my timezone and can’t force it.

edit- Even tho i started 30th couldnt go back and if i do it just changed the dates of my stamps

Well, I didn’t change anything while I was playing. I don’t know why, but it just happened

I have gotten 2 in one day also not sure if its a bug but I received 1 today at 1203 am then a other at 749pm not sure if its a bug or not.

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I only have 1 stamp…

I have three Stamps