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Is it possible to get Platinum for Hoenn badge?

There are 135 Pokémon to get for the Hoenn badge. One of them is listed in the GOHub database as “currently not available” (Keclon).

Is Keclon really unavailable? If so, is it even possible to achieve Platinum for the Hoenn badge?

At the moment, no it’s not possible.

However, early 2023 we’ll have Hoenn Tour so my guess is Kecleon will be in the game by then.

Thanks for the answer.

Oh, well… I didn’t expect to get past level 43, anyway; I should be happy that I reached level 48 before petering out.


There have been MANY of us “patiently” waiting for Kecleon’s legitimate release.

I also happen to be stuck at level 48. -_-

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I hope!

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