Is Frenzy Plant Sceptile worth it?

Would like to know if it will be better or comparable to Leaf Blade or if I shouldn’t worry about evolving.


Better than Leaf Blade, a bit worse than Roserade
But Mega Sceptile will be amazing


Yes. Frenzy Plant is cool during Gym Battles.


Thanks for the reply! That’s nice to know.


Didn’t get any shiny and never evolve during cd


But why?? CD moves are often great additions to that pokemons moveset, sometimes making them so badass nothing can do better for generations to come.
Look at Tyranitar. Only now with Rampardos on the scene hes been replaced as the best Rock type attacker.
All the starters became better with their CD move. Sceptile almost jump to the top as grass attacker, Blaziken WILL jump to the top when he gets blast burn.

Youre kinda robbing yourself of a great pokemon for not evolving during CD.


Just don’t waste dust on it, whatever you do. It’s a low CP pokemon and Tangela will become better when it gets a better moveset, or even a stat rework as it has happened like 3 times in the game’s short history. I recommend not wasting any dust on pokemon that don’t break atleast 3k CP.

Sceptile destroys Tangrowth no matter what moveset does it get
And it has a mega

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Stat reworks are across the board and not that common. If something changes so that Tangrowth becomes good, theres no telling what would happen to others. Maybe Vileplume jumps to the top (unlikely example).
My point is: You cant base your choices on a stat rework, cause you dont know whats gonna happen.

And your 3k CP is an arbitrary boundry set by you based on nothing… 3k isnt a magical barrier that when pokemon break it means they suddenly get a boost in power…
Look at Gengar. Its max CP is under 3k yet its often the top pick as Ghost DPS.

Base your choices on whats in the game now, or what we know is comming within the forseeable future.

If you want a top tier grass team: Roserade with Razor leaf and Grass Knot.
If you want the next best thing: Sceptile with Bullet seed and Frenzy plant.


tell that to the people who spent a mill or so stardust on their FP Venusaurs or Exeggutors. Teams keep changing, there’s more and more pokemon but the catch dust is the same. just 100/pokemon. Sceptile will be replaced, same with roserade by the end of this year

We’re speaking from an objective point of view based on stats, and right now, that makes Sceptile the second-best Grass-type attacker.

There’s nothing really that will come to compare to Sceptile and Roserade for quite some time. A quick scan myself found that it won’t be until Gen 7 with Tsareena and that’s really neck-and-neck and currently without the CP rework applied, which likely will improve it a bit.

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EVEN if that is true (didnt check, could very well be) it makes little sense to say that you shouldnt put stardust in pokemon that dont go over 3k CP.
And it makes even less sense to tell people to put stardust in Tangrowth. By both mine AND your own logic.

The main reason to rationalize using Tangrowth would be because of the following reasons, although they aren’t limited to them:

  1. You are short on supply of stronger Grass-type Pokemon like Venusaur, Sceptile and Roserade. Using a Tangrowth to act as a bulky backup to the ones you do have is not a bad idea.
  2. You’re like me and specifically limit yourself to one-per-species limits to increase variety. I do this because I find using the same Pokemon over and over again to be boring and unimaginative, despite the usefulness of having the same over and over. Even in that regard, my 98% Tangrowth is still not as strong as my 98% Venusaur and my 98% Sceptile (despite this one having Leaf Blade). My Roserade is designated as a Poison-Type Attacker. Tangrowth would only really come into play against Water, Rock or Ground-type Raids (like Groudon and Kyogre) as my sixth and final member of the team to act as a TDO anchor.

In the end, it really just comes down to how you want to play and level up your Pokemon. It’s always your choice. I rationalize my use of Tangrowth to use as an anchor, but I know that Venusaur and Sceptile will do a better job overall, so they’d be used either more or first.

Dont you mean Kartana, Skymin and the mega starters?

I love how some people already have a sense of how things are going to be 3 or 4 generations into the Pokefuture. Clicked on the Tsareena link and can’t get over how it looks like a Kirlia on steroids but doesn’t say anything at all about whether it’s even related to Kirlia.