Is events like Safari Zone good?

For me, they suck. Why? Since only like 0.00008% of all Pokemon Go players can just go for that one specific city. And not only that, they reward huge random cities with free regional [now not] exclusives, which also annoys me. And not only that, they get free unowns, chanseys etc. which also leaves rest of the world hopeless. Not everyone has money, time or possibilities to fly/drive to one specific city just for Pokemon Go. And try to imagine, that when there was some event Unown and Khangaskan spawns in Warsaw, my capital city, and i actually was planning going there for those, but imagine that i was driving to Warsaw, but it was way too late when it was over! Niantic, give us that type of event, just once, but for whole world, and not just few cities.


I will never attend these events, but I think overall they are good for the game and the Pokémon Go community. Why are they good? They generate hype for the game, they keep players who are able to attend involved, and there is no harm done to players who cannot attend.

There is no impact on my enjoyment or the game if I do not get every available unown, or if I don’t catch all the regional exclusives. There is no hidden requirement That I catch these to keep playing, no award for getting them all.

I completely understand why some players are frustrated because they can’t attend the events but I refuse to allow events like this to perfect my enjoyment of the game. I would rather focus on things I can control like going out and farming my ghost Pokémon to try and get shiny variants or doing raids and hatching eggs to try and get hi IV Pokémon for my collection.

Again I don’t fault people for their own views and perspectives, But I choose to keep a positive attitude and just enjoy playing.