Is ditto still here?

Normally i always caught 2-3 dittos every day. And now i dont see them anymore

I caught one yesterday.

Yeah, recently ago my Yanma transformed into a Ditto :frowning:

I also caught a Ditto somewhere last week

I think their rates have been decreased since gen 3 came out

Got a couple this week. Both with mediocre IVs though, so I obviously fed them to my one Ditto that has a decent IV.

Yes, it’s still available but they are a bit harder to find. I found and caught a 0% IV Ditto. It must be rare…

I found Ditto comes and goes in waves.
I’m finding a few from Go Plus clean up over the last week. Numbers are up for me.

How do you fix the date format?

If you mean change it so it has the month first (the American way or something similar) then you would have to play in that region for at least 2 weeks before all the dates would change

The other way around lol - ive been playing in the UK for 3 years and it’s wrong… i wonder if it has anything to do with when my gps glitches all over the place.

Being a native European person