Is CP even important?

I had a mr mime which was over 1000cp yet it was worse than some of my 600-900cp pokemon

It’s not really. IVs are more important. If your Pokemon has higher IVs, the max CP it can have will be higher.

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You can have a 2000 CP Dragonite, and a 1000 CP Dragonite. If the IVs of the 1000 CP are better, when they are both maxed out, that one will have a higher CP. It’s a common mistake to make when starting the game to discard low CP Pokemon without checking the IVs.

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Yes and no
Its a rough estimate of the Pokemon’s power, and a 3500 Dragonite will preform a lot better than a 1000 CP Salamence
At the same time, you shouldnt really go by CP when selecting Mons to battle, and basing what to power up on CP is a horrible idea, IVs come into play when you want to power up something but cant decide what to

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Your CP will be higher depending on IV.

A max CP mon would be better than another of the same species.

Mon a “15-13-12"
Mon a2"15-15-15”

Mon a2 can have higher CP and be stronger than Mon a. They can both be dragonite or both be a mr mime. Aslong as their same mon you can compare their Cp but look at the IV first

@simmy download Poke Genie, and if you can’t, download Calcy IV.

With the Appraise button in the game, you can also check IV’s, but it’s less clear. You need to search for 80+ IV then. I know in team Instinct it is ‘Your … can really battle with the best of them’, but @simmy you have to ask a Mystic trainer for the 80+ IV text. I thought it wasn’t the same as Instinct’s text. (Btw 80+ is good.)

Hope it’s clear to you🙃

Pokegenie is onnAndroid as well, and imo it looks a lot better than Calcy

This sums it up perfectly.

many people just look at CP and think a pokemon is good/bad (just look at the Mew CP topic). Although machamp is very well known as to be the best fighting pokemon, he caps out under 2900 CP. Any unexperienced player might think he sucks just based on CP.
Type, IV, moveset, they all are huge parts of what defines a strong pokemon.

Fire pokemon are another good example. Good fire type pokemon are non-existant honestly so the best fire type pokemon still remains under the 3000 CP (not counting Ho-Oh due to lack of STAB, fire type pokemon with no fire quick move WTF?).

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