Is Community day ONLY in parks?

Hello forum, I wanna ask are the special Pikachus gonna appear only in parks, or in the entire city? I want to go to a sponsored shopping centre so I wanna be sure.

As far as I know it’s not, because how would they expect everyone to just show up at a park?

I think the Pikachu are only going to be in parks, but there are a lot of places you’d be surprised are parks even if they aren’t in the real world. You may also be able to use a TM to get surf on a pikachu.

I don’t see how they’ll let you use a TM to get Surf as it would defeat the rarity of the Pikachu. It’s like the Christmas Pikachu with Quick Move “Present”. Sure you can use a TM to change it but you can’t get “Present” again if you do. The “park” part of the deal is only if you want the rare Pikachu but the other goodies from the event applies everywhere–i.e. doesn’t matter where you are. Someone told me the game registers a “park” where the map shows a dark green color. I’m not sure if that is true. Also, there are legitimate parks the game does not register as a park … be aware of that.

Where is this idea comming from that pikachu will only spawn in parks? Its never been like that and i cant see it in the announcement.

From what I gathered, they aren’t confined to parks but will spawn / be encountered more frequently in parks.
But I’m sure most cities / towns have some form of park with stops / gyms so methinks most people will be found in those to increase the chance of a raid triggering an EX raid pass.
I know I will - the community (both my team & the PoGo community at large) have embraced the event & are trying to get loads of people to meet up for both raids & XP grinding.
Good times :smile: