Is being on the Yellow Team a bust?

Ive come to realize that being on the yellow team taking over gyms is so much harder and keeping them for any amount of time is almost impossible.

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It depends on your community. Try and find other nearby players to collaborate with - and remember you only need a pokemon in a gym for just over 8 hrs to get max coins.


The new gym rework has made it a little better being on yellow for me, but due to the daily coin limit only being 50, I’m getting about the same amount of coins as before. If the limit was still 100, I would be doing better

I think it depends on the town has about 23 gyms… 18-20 of them stay yellow most of the time. (We keep it that way)

It’s always gonna be tougher for the non-dominant team in a region. However, it’s one of the shining awesome points of this new gym system. Max collecting is way easier and not at all dependant on longevity sits.

Old system collecting big must have been almost impossible for you. Here, try this:

Bash after midnight.

  1. Everyone’s asleep so no competition, berry tossing shenanigans to gum you up.
  2. It’s after midnight. Who’s gonna be mad. If anything just hand out the “your welcomes” to everyone for the money.
  3. They wake up in the morning. “What? Stupid yellow took our forts! Screw that!” Then they bash…and give you YOUR max collect.

Next night just rinse and repeat.


Yellow here.Ill solo a gym only to be kicked out because nobody else is. I wish there was a way to switch teams. I would even pay cough cough Niantic cough cough*

Seriously, it is extremely frustrating getting 1% benefit of holding a gym compared to the average blue or red trainer.

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LOL, that’s exactly what yellow does in my area (which is mystic-dominated). It’s annoying, but does work to give both sides their coins each day.

Lol I’m just yellow cuz il zapdos and my friends picked it. Problem is, I’m the only one who’s still playing (valor dominated city) :joy:


Fellow Instinct member in a majority Mystic area.

The new gym system is WAY more friendlier to being on smaller teams as taking a gym out is not a big issue. My approach to to take out 3-5 gyms and place Pokemon. That way you only need an hour or two from a couple of those to get a good flow of coins.

Also, time of day, weekday and weekend, you play makes a big difference I have found.


The gym update has made it easier to be on yellow as far as getting your coins

The raids are still very unfair…I’ve done probably 20 legendary raids and have never been the top team. I get 6-8 balls, and mystic players that used a blissey and contribute very little individually to the raid get 11. Even on the off chance instinct has the gym at the time of the raid, I still don’t get gym control bonus balls because…I guess because niantic is being typical.

It’s only going to get worse as instinct players get frustrated and quit or just start over on another team. Niantic doesn’t seem to care and want to pretend like the problem doesn’t exist. I would love to see what this game could be in more capable hands


Roughly 15 percent of my hometown is instinct. If we have enough people we split raid groups into 2-3 groups by teams. We normally get valor players who already have good Pokémon of that type offering to play with the instinct folks to give them enough people to take down the boss and get the bonus.

it takes balance of cooperation and competiveness to be successful at the game. No team will get ahead by brute force alone.

Take gyms under the current system, you need other players help to be successful. Be that feeding berrys to help your pokemon stay motivated or to knock the Pokémon out of a gym so you can get coins, it is a cooperative system.

While you yellow guys might not have the numbers it isn’t an insurmountable task to be successful. Of our 4 strongest players in terms of Trainer level it goes

  1. Valor
  2. Instinct
  3. Mystic
  4. Valor
    The gal from the mystic team is formidable and motivated. She has a good sense of humor and dishes out comments as well as she takes them. It is all in good fun but still we have mutual respect and cooperation.

I was level 34 Instinct and my town was all Mystic & Valor…It made it super difficult to get my daily coins…There is about 25 gyms around downtown and everytime I went to play, I’d be lucky to come across 1 Instinct gym and it would always be full…So I’d spend the time beating a gym, change to Instinct and then a spoofer would kick me out within minutes so then it was all for nothing…As time went on, it just pissed me off more and more so I started over and changed to Mystic about a month ago…I’m already back up to level 30 thanks to the double everything event…That defo helped me out a lot…Now I almost always get my daily coins and enjoy the game more now

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For raids. If it’s a big turnout. Like, over 1 lobby. You can private group all teams together. Since all attackers for each session are one team one the dmg bonus is maxed for all.


Being on TEAM yellow in my town is lyfe being on another team is hopeless >;)