Is Articuno worth powering up?


I have a question about Articuno. One that I got from July is 98%IV.

Few facts: I’m level 31 and I have over 1 000 000 Stardust because I never used it other than during the special quests. I started evolving Pokemons when I reached level 30 only and I’m using Pokegenie for IV. I understood that IV is more important, but from the numerous things I read on the internet, I also understood that it’s okay to keep a high IV / low CP mon to power it up if it’s to get some of the best attackers / defenders, but that for the other ones (the ones I just want to have a copy of but that will be useless in battles), I could just evolve those with a decent IV but a high CP.

Now about Articuno. I know that there’ll be better legendary / mythic pokemons in the future and that there are also better ones already, but the thing is that I can’t hope to ever get those in raids because where I live, there are too few people that play and I’ll never get a chance to get those from Tier 5 raids. The only ones I can get are from the field quests, so my Articuno is the best I have and I’m wondering if it’s worth poowering it up.

So his IV is 98% (15-14-15) with Frost Breath and Icy Wind. Its current CP is 1254 which gets him at level 15.

Is it worth powering up?

Thanks in advance!

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short answer: No

long answer: No because articuno is an ice pokemon which have no use as counter and even if it had use articuno is a weak ice pokemon. If you want to power up a something, power up ANY legendary from special breakthorugh except articuno (that has 15 attack IV)


Are you a rural or urban?

Doesnt matter, Articuno is terrible either way

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ICE pokemon may have some use as counters in GEN 4 against dragon legendarys Giratina Dialga and Palkia.
But youre better of waiting for Mamoswine in GEN 4. If it has the right moves it will be the best ICE pokemon.


Only Giratina is weak to ice

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No for rurals he isnt
Cus they have no revives and only weak pokemons on gyms

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If you are a rural you still have better Pokemon to power up
Getting Mewtwo with Ice Beam was never easier, and Mamoswine is on the way
Rurals can wait without an ice type since they dont need it for those weak pokemon at gyms anyways if they dont raid

Since Mewtwo has ice beam now, is it worth powering up?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Need to wait until gen 4 comes out

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What I recommend is this.

Catch and pinap swinub, then eventually you will get Mamoswine when gen 4 drops.

@punica, you agree?


I’m not @Punica, but I agree and that is what I do.

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I learn from my master, @Mew1.

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You are my master, not @punica :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:.

Even Suicune? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, even Vappy is better than Suicune

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And Lapras

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Got enough candy for 3 Mamoswines.

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I don’t use Lapras for battling, they are my collectibles

My Lapras took down a 3000 cp charmander today :muscle:.

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