Is anyone getting 2k eggs more frequently?

For the last week, I’ve been getting almost nothing but 2k eggs. Before this, I was getting mostly 5k Eggs, with the occasional 2 or 10k, but for the last week, I’ve gotten about 25 eggs, 23 2k, 1 5k, and 1 10k, im about to buy super incubators just so I can get rid of my 8 2k eggs faster!

It feels like All I get is 5k anymore…I’d guess 80% 5k, 15% 2k and 5% 10k

When I see these YouTube videos where they hatch 8-9 10k eggs, I wonder how long it took them to get them and how many incubators they had to use


Still get majority 5km eggs. I do get way more 2 km eggs than 10 km eggs though.

Exact thing happened to me too. Which sucked because I don’t need anymore gen 3 mons from 2k eggs.

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Obviously Niantic changed droprates with the mini egg event happening, making it more 2k then normal. It’s all business, more 2k’s mean more incubators bought = more money earned. And yes, i know i said incubators for 2k’s. But people with full egg stash wanting to (ab)use the mini event have to make room somehow and time is limited.

I had the same btw, many 2k’s until the last batch hatched, now i got a load of 5’s.

Not really, 2k eggs are the ones you do with the infinite incubator. 10k and 5k eggs are the ones better done with the temporary incubators. It’s just more efficient use of your incubators that way.

Sadly, I mostly get 5k eggs as well. The only times I seem to get a 2k egg, is when I just assigned my infinite incubator to a 5k egg because I didn’t have anything else left to hatch, while I only get 10k eggs after I just assigned my last limited incubator. (also know as “Murphy’s Second Law Of Pokemon”)

I’ve gotten to 7 10km eggs all at once, that was over the space of about 3 weeks. But I notice that I tend to get 10km eggs all at once. I’ll maybe get 5-6 over a few weeks, then none for a few weeks and it’s only 2 and 5km