Is anyone else using the new gym map?

I really like the new map showing you locations of gyms you have visited, I’m now up to 32 gym locations how are all of you doing?

56 over here:

Germany by any chance what’s it like? You city or rural?

The Netherlands actualy :slight_smile:

I live in a small village with 11 gyms and about 20 Pokéstops I guess. Well more actually since gyms are Pokéstops these days.

I am lucky to be part of the Mystic team but still it’s hard to level and earn 50 coins a day.

Sometimes I visit a big city and if I should live over there I would have been level 40 easily. It’s non stop catching and hatching then.

The map is too confusing to use even with low number of gyms: after a year and 1000+ gyms it will be totally useless (I lost a Blissey a week ago and just cant find it).

I’m up to 39 different gym badges.

I don’t really care for the map. It doesn’t add anything to the game. If it Showed streets and the locations of upcoming raids it would be pretty cool though. Even if you would have to have previously visited the gym to get the notification it would still be neat. As it sits now it doesn’t really serve a purpose.


Gyms in Amsterdam and some throughout Portugal! I’m from the north of Portugal and have been traveling for the past week so tbh it’s pretty cool to show my friends the gyms I have there!

I’m at 43 Gym Badges now. Going to a new town today. I expect to add a few more.

My favorite gym badge is HISTORIC STATIONARY TELECOMMUNICATION DEVICE. It is the only pay phone in the town I work at.

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Can we see a picture of it please

I don’t know how to post pictures. It is located at the train station in Germantown, MD.

I’m rellay interested in the map! I like it a lot, it’s like it records all the places i’ve visited so far while playing.
I am at 266 gyms now, anyway I hope they’ll upgrade it, I woyld like to see at least my country (Italy)

I like the map idea. But I don’t get why we can’t get an osm map lol

That map is a bit inaccurate

I look at it from time to time to see how many new Gyms I’ve visited. There’s still quite a few between home and work I have not visited yet :grinning:

Lol I have just over 100 gym badge

I never really look at it aside from when I first enter new gyms in locations I haven’t battled before.
But it seems I must live on a boat & do most of my raiding off the east coast of Australia from this picture or perhaps I’m some sort of Pokémon pirate. I may actually be a giant squid, I’m not sure :squid:

It’s horrible. It’s so unprecise and it’s often flickering which is annoying as hell.

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