Is 1 Million stardust for non-registered legendary huge overkill?

I know that Niantic had to balance out trading in order to keep game balanced, but, isn’t 1 million too much??? For those asking, i have 330k stardust.

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Either build up your friendship or catch the shiny you are after.
It’s a perfect countermeasure to prevent spoofers


so i guess i will have to wait 89 days until new legendaries will finally have good price :slight_smile:


Basically paying for a mon. Everything has a big cost that will have to be dealt with cause this will be the norm.

Either catch it yourself or hire Team Rocket.


I have well over 2 million stardust while still powering up a decent number of Pokémon, as long as you don’t go crazy powering up it’s quite possible to get in the millions

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I have to say that that is a more or less perfect answer. It also prevents pokemon selling though.

Exactly, it’s overkill to prevent abuse. I obviously don’t particularly like it, but hey it there to prevent trading exploitation and i support that


I normally keep between 1.2M and 1.5M stardust so I told my son we will start trading as soon as we are best friends so the stardust cost won’t be as high. He powers up everything so he doesn’t have as much dust and the monsters I have to send him are already promised to him so they aren’t going anywhere.

It’s still so dumb, that you have to PAY to trade. What other game do you have to pay to trade? Niantic is dumb.

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Considering the number of multi accounters and spoofers, the stardust cost is the best idea considering trading that Nicantic could ever have in my oppinion.

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This isn’t the other games and substantial number of players never played any other games. The other games have extra stats, leveling works differently, catch mechanics are completely different, the attack mechanics are more complex, so why should trading follow the main games and not be ina format more suited for this game.
The goal of high costs for legendaries and shiny Pokémon is to prevent a black market and to encourage social interaction and the process of building friendship. The cost for trades at full friendship is tiny, a small investment for anyone willing to put in work.


Ok let’s make it simple. What’s the point of trading? To get something for FREE for something you don’t want any more.Lets say you have a video game, and you wanna trade it for a different video game, would you pay to trade it? Doesn’t make sence and is stupid.

And I did not mention other POKÉMON games I said other games.

In an ideal world you would be right. But again, multi accounters, bots and spoofers exsist, so its necessary to have the stardust cost.


The cost is very steep. Even after trading you will get random iv and need to power the pokemon up and not to mention need candy for a mon you never had access to.

The friend feature discount will be where trainers will need to focus on. That discount is everything.

no its not necessary. And why is it not allowed to have multi accs? They could just ban the spoofers. But no there so money greedy.

Cause it disrupts gameplay.

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Well there is a way to get all these Pokémon without spending any resources in game, it’s called buying a plane ticket to get a regional, etc. Now I personally would greatly prefer spending 1,000,000 stardust I earned through gameplay. I just want to remind people that the 1 million is an easier method for obtaining Pokémon than previously available.

In real life, for sure. In this game we have people who can conjure themselves to a different location which is hardly fair.

And besides that, after 30 days of friendship you can trade it for just 8% of the original cost.