iPhone Overheating

I have bought iPhone 6S before some days, ON the very week, it was performing very well, but at the day by day use of the device, the charging ability getting lower, and it is becoming heat after a short period of using. I can not understand why myiPhone overheating too first, and it is too much tempted, as it is a metal covered body. I need some solutions over there.

Is this because of Pokemon Go?

May or may not be, It has installed already on my phone.

Mine always overheats

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If you play the game for hours in the sun, it will overheat. But if you are not playing it, it will not heat your phone.

My phone always overheats lol
Its a just new iphone SE(with(i didnt know when i bought it) enchaned camera)

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That’s a good phone.

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It’s pretty much like an iPhone 5 except it can support later IOS updates

No its smaller iphone 6s

no problems here

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