IOS Screen Lock

Just be aware that since the last update the screen lock on IOS will lock even if the app is open and running at the time (previously auto lock would not take effect).

Pogo + still works AOK once locked.

I’m experiencing the same and I don’t like it.
I hope they’ll fix it soon.

Yes, this new screen lock sucks donkey balls.

Agreed, it sux big time having the thing lock up. I liked that it stayed open where my Android devices locked all the time.

Glad I’m not the only one…I thought I had accidentally changed a setting or something

I really hope they fix this. I like turning the app on and then just putting my phone in pocket while I walk between classes in school.


It was painful re-opening phone up all the time when on Dratini hunt last night. All you want to do is catch it and move on quickly.

Looks like this issue has been resolved quickly.
Updated App today and the game stayed open during the trip to work.

I need to update mine, then. Even while walking the dogs and holding my phone out, the screen would start to go dark a bunch of times.

Just set the auto lock timer to never then the games are open like always but set it back if not needed anymore.