IOS 11 update for IPhone7

I am extreamly excited for the screen recorder. Not just for pgo, but for MCPE with the kids. Unfortunately after installing the update my pgoplus has a extreame delay on it. While passing gym/stops, it now is mandatory that it vibrates/flashes 3X before you can collect the items. While driving this is impossible to successfully do so. I’m not sure what happened :thinking: I’ve tried to restart/disconnect & reconnect Bluetooth, but to no avail. This is a huge part of my gameplay. I haven’t tried to catch mons using this method either. (Before Update) pgoplus would vibrate, then u can press and collect. (After update) it vibrates a minimum of 3X, by that time the stop/gym is out of range and items can’t be collected. Sry if this seems confusing, but I can’t explain it exactly. :+1:t2::v:t2:

Yeah People Have Reported This Before. Apparently, the Gotcha Works Better With Less Lag.

With the new update? No problems before…:thinking:

I have not updated to the new iOS 11 yet and started seeing lag problems using my Pogo Plus after the last game update. It’s taking 2-3 attempts to spin some Pokestops and quite often I’m now missing some as where I could slow to 40km and not impact other traffic I now have to slow or almost stop to get some now.
I’ve also seen the buzz - click - massive pause before the next series of buzzes that tell you you caught or it dusted off.
All after the last Pogo update not iOS 11.

Thanks for the input, I updated both fairly close together and just thought it was IOS. Basically the pgoplus is useless if it stays this way. :v:t2: