Invite from second discord group not accessible?

If there’s anybody on the Hub with experience to help get through Discord difficulties, I’d sure appreciate a hand. Will not use facebook for an emergency, let alone use it to get tech support…

A friend in SF invited me last year to join their “SF PoGo Raids Meetup” Discord group, which I did, and it seems to work fine.

A different friend in San Mateo invited me to join their group in that city, which is where I do almost all my play. I clicked on the link in the text he sent, which took me to the Discord login screen. I logged in, and it showed me the invite from last year. I already accepted that invite, and want to accept the second. How to I accept the second invite, when it keeps showing me the first?


I created a new login for discord on my second phone and entered the link text from the text message I received for the invite. This came in January 2019. But discord announced me the same damned invite from June 2018 that I’d already accepted on the other account. Rather mystifying, in all candor.

At this point it seems the discord server is confused by legacy data from my earlier attempts to accept the new invite. So I uninstalled the app, rebooted my phone, and reinstalled the app. Entered the new invite’s URL, and it showed the same 2018 invite from before. Is there cookie-like debris that lingers after I uninstall an app? And if so how do I clear that to start fresh with the app when I re-install it? Oy.

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I read your post and I’m sad to say I can’t help you.
I can’t get Discord. I wish you luck though…
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That goofy Meowth representation made me laugh a bit. So even if it doesn’t solve my tech issue, it helped – thanks, @Pokemon


By default, an invite expires after 24hrs, ask for a new link.

Also get yourself onto the silph road and make an account and you can join discord servers in your area as long as they’re accepting new players.

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Just 24 hours? Wow. Makes me even more mystified that it keeps noting the nearly-two-year-old first invite that I’ve already accepted.

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Yep, an invite link is either 24hr or permanent.

Thanks for the info (or reminder, if I once knew but forgot).

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