Interesting happening during gym battle

Twice this weekend I fought a gym with an invisible pokemon, the gym pokemon was there but my fighter didn’t show, yet I was able to fight and win the battle. Strange glitch, has anyone else had this happen or have I stumbled on a new power for my Tyrannitars?


It is a know bug. It is funny though. I think it is triggered by fast clicking through the menus. The game couldn’t load the data and does not recover from it.

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It happens when you hit the attack button of the gym, before getting all the animations of the resident pokemons.
Same thing happens if there´s a failure on the connection during the loading of the animations, just before you start dueling. Or when your cache is doing an update to the data on cache.
Sometimes you can even see the same pokemon animation, even that the one that you are fighting is another one. :smiley:

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