Initial Raid Team Building [newbie]

Hello everyone,

Please feel free to correct me on anything at all I say.

I’m looking for some guidance on initial investments for hitting lower CP raids (15K and below, maybe), and farming gyms and team rockets.

In other words, I know that special teams to deal with special ocasions is the best strategy, but as a new player I do not have the means to do it in large scale.

Then, my intention is to invest into nice and approachable pokemon that are all rounders, but that will not be seen as a waste of resources later on when I do get more legendary and rare pokemon.

PvP is not in the scope right now, but if you think of a pokemon on the team below that I should “save the candies/tms/stardust for a great league or ultra league version of that”, please tell me.

Below are some of the candidates I have in mind:

Anotação 2020-11-11 133527

Dragonite -> Dragon Breath / Dragon Claw
Venusaur -> Vine Whip / Sludge Bomb
Scyther -> Fury / X Scizors
Exeggcuttor -> Extrasensory / Psychic
Machoke -> Karate Chop / Frustration
Snubbull -> Tackle / Dazzling Beam
Mudkip -> Water Gun / Dig
Sableye -> Shadow Claw / Foul Play

Should I invest in any of those?


Your Dragonite is really the only one worth using resources one.
While Machamp is good and useful I’d be trying to farm and or trade as many Machop as possible trying to get at better one.
Venusaur and Mudkip evolved to Swampert are only really useful with their CD moves.
I don’t see a Larvitar-Tyranitar in your list which is one of the most useful all rounders in the game. You should be aiming to get one of those.

For battling Gyms, doing Raids and smashing Team Rocket having 15 Attack is is the focus.
Be patient and grind for the the right ones to Power up.


For more specific situations though, that machoke and scyther are not bad. Scizor is an excellent psychic- and dark- type killer until you have gengar, tyranitar, giratina and/or machamp, gardevoir or togekiss.

That machoke looks good, try getting rid of frustration. Does anyone know if that is possible without buying a second charge move?

Anyhow, Machamp was a beast, and it still is ( just that it is outclassed by conkeldurr and lucario now)

There was an end of year event last year that permitted us to TM away from Frustration. Is that an annual thing?

I thought it still took an Elite Charge TM; but my recollection on that is far from certain. Getting rid of Frustration and going to a Legacy can be done with one Elite Charge TM, yes?

No, an Elite TM can’t be used to get rid of Frustration. I tried on my Shadow Machamp and had to buy the second move for it to be useful now.

Machamp is the easiest fighter to get and grind for due it it being found in nests.
Lucario and Conk are much harder to collect the Candy for. Unless you get your good Timburr-Conk from a Trade it becomes much more expensive to evolve that great Hatch or Raid catch.