Initial PvP team [newbie]

Hello everyone,

Please feel free to correct me on anything at all I say.

I’ve posted this to “Raids” looking for advice on if I should invest on any of those pokemons. Numbers are the IV average. Is there any pokemon in the list which I should not invest candies and stardust for raids but rather wait to find an IV combo suitable for PvP instead? I don’t have the resources to do both!

Anotação 2020-11-11 133527

Dragonite -> Dragon Breath / Dragon Claw
Venusaur -> Vine Whip / Sludge Bomb
Scyther -> Fury / X Scizors
Exeggcuttor -> Extrasensory / Psychic
Machoke -> Karate Chop / Frustration
Snubbull -> Tackle / Dazzling Beam
Mudkip -> Water Gun / Dig
Sableye -> Shadow Claw / Foul Play

Should I invest in any of those?


Not a pvp expert, but i believe sableye isn’t bad a all in great league.
Mudkip (when evolved to swampert) and venusaur are absolute beasts in great - and ultra league (and for swampert even in master league) if they have their community day moves: Hydro Cannon and Frenzy Plant respectively. Try using an elite charged tm if you have any; the investment is worth it.

PvP is a whole different kettle of fish when it comes to what’s needed.
Unlike Gym busting, Raiding and Rocket bashing where hitting hard with 15 attack is most important PvP requires being able to level up your Pokémon as high as possible without going above the CP cut offs unless it’s Master League.
Understanding type weakness and moves to exploit those weaknesses are the most important aspects.

There’s plenty of guides and advice to be found on Google. Read up on the the best Meta for each League too.

Sableye gets pretty much maxed out for GL though, I suspect they might not have enough trainer xp to be allowed to level it that high

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