Information about Dual-Raids

I’ve tried to find information about Dual-Raids, but it seems I don’t search the correct way…

There’s a lot of information about solo-raids, and some about records to make a level 4 raid with two players.

But I’m looking for more normal raids which can made with two players. We are not members of raid-groups, but we would like to try some raids between the two of us.

Anybody knows where I have to look?

And just in it, maybe we could make Guides as well for threesome or foursome raids. Not in every place are enough players to make big groups.

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Aerodactyl. Could be a shiny as well.

EDIT: Just soloed it. 14 sec left. I strongly recommend it.


Which raids? Other than Shuckle, all 1-3 are duo-able without a problem, the challenge comes from legendaries and tier 4s


Huuh, maybe you think we have big fighters… I am level 35, but my friend is level 21… so we have to be a little bit careful

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Tier 3 can be duoable comfortably, maybe only shuckle can give some difficulties if trainers not prepare a good counter.

Some Tier 4 like absol, tyranitar, wlrein, houndoom, goleem,etc can be duo by a strong trainer with a strong counter…
Look for weather boosted for your counter to make it easier altough it can be done without weather boosted, but must have a realy good counter

Tier 5 some very hardcore trainers manage to duo it, again weather boosted help a lot and knowing the movesets of the raid boss help a lot too
(Ussually using a best counter at max or almost max level, and quick hand to use max revive when rejoin)

Hope it help


I can solo Aerodactyl, except when it has ancient oiwer. I just need 5 more seconds then

Absol I guess, i remember tha being easy


Raid levels 1-3 are soloable for me. Exceptions are shuckle, claydol and I think I eventually got cloister, but that was a pain especially since it was a level 2

I would like another chance at the eeveelutions since I’m a much stronger trainer now than when they were out

Many thanks to all, obviously there’s no “official” list, and we have to try what we can reach. But now I have some hints more than before.


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