In game clock

welp my in game clock is in a timezone that doesn’t even exist. Game still thinks it’s yesterday.i Might as well quit since i don’t even get my coins now.

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Contact Niantic, although it may be a problem with your phone.

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How can it be my phone? and when i did they just explained breakthrough. Now im trying to get better help.

Even if you change timezone it does nothing.

There is no timezone thats still the 12th, this their fault/problem.

I should see totodile everywhere if i am stuck in the past :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Can’t earn stamp.
Can’t get coins ( game thinks it’s the 12th)
Stuck in the past.

i did breakthrough yesterday finally around 5pm and got moltres game still thinks it’s the 12th


Sorry dude, I never heard of your problem, but you did remind me to claim my reward for today.


This new. Started yesterday thought it was fixed. legit stuck in the past, not even on this planet.


That sucks. I haven’t missed my streaks since last time I was on vacation and game wouldn’t load.

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The app needs to have real-time syncing with your device’s time/day settings, so it may be something in your device settings that is keeping it not synced to the clock. Can you show us your phone’s time outside the game? If it’s correct, it’s the game, if it’s not, it’s your device. It also may be a SIM error. I don’t recognize your cell service name, so I can’t tell for certain.

It’s one of the most popular cell services in Canada, it’s not my phone i can tell you that 100% since it just started randomly and i didn’t change timezone. Niantic has my actual account in wrong timezone, a timezone that does not even exist.


it’s 100% the game. Niantic needs in game server time. This crazy, and they believe i don’t know how to get research tasks, which is a slap to my face. I emailed them the day of…how is it possible i am still on the 12th? I am trapped in the past lol. They must fix my account in game time or something.

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I put pokemon in gyms yesterday all came back today and received 0 coins stating i already got mt coins for that day(12th) todays the 13th and i did put my mon in gyms after midnight last night.

Think it’s time i retire from Go🤷🏾‍♂️


That even doubly blows. You can fight me if that will it better.

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I say break your phone and buy a new one


I’m still not quite convinced it’s not the phone. Have you toggled the settings on and off, reset the game, reset the phone? Have you cleared your caches? iPhones get caches as well. When was the last time you updated your phone’s iOS? Is it up to date?

I’ve seen Pokemon GO bug out when it’s not refreshed once in a while. I got into the habit of resetting the game every night, so it has a fresh log in every day.

Tried changing timezone but since update the timezone in phone settings mean nothing. So thats not it.

I do reset my phone. I have ios12.1.3 the newest one i just now updated to it. So thats not it.

Still stuck in january 12th…which makese no sense since there isn’t anywhere in the world still there. This a problem with Niantic, still waiting for a reply but they probably don’t even know either.

Bout to uninstall

Have you tried logging your account into another phone? Just to see if it will revert to a right date. Is it a PTC account or you are using Google account to sign in?

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google, ill try that. First ill try logging out then ill try another phone.

This the weirdest glitch ever!


Well logging out and in did nothing. I’ll find another phone to log in and see

Going to order a new phone right now. Thank you all for assisting me. I don’t even know if that’ll fix it. Still need to log in on a different phone and test it out.