Improvement suggestions & thoughts

Suggestions & thoughts on what others would to see Nonstick do to enhance, better, &/or include in Pogo game play… Was a debate that ended up being two HR conversation last night and curious to see other insight???

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Pokemon centres for rurals
More medals(style rewards)
Legendaries in gyms
More story
Gym leaders(story)
Elite 4(story)
Tms on community day for community day moves(only on community day if you missed it)
More rewards
Better lvl40 items
Poke stop submitions from players
ready button for raiding
stardust after you reached 50 coins(incentive to battle gyms more)

List can go on, ill see. majority of these ideas are mine and on this forum. Would enjoy to hear the ideas you and your friends were talking about.


Im working on article with good idea you will see it later

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you’re working on an article with ideas. The interwebs will decide of they are good.
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Legendaries in gyms!

@5GodLink just mentioned everything that i have nothing to add👌

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