[IMPORTANT] Post gym update guides


we are looking forward to new user submitted guides on the meta changes, new Pokémon tiers, team ideas etc etc. Remember, focus your guides on the post gym update are and take into consideration all of the news: new STAB, new Type Effects, TMs and so on.

Like before, we’re paying 30$ for 4 published articles (articles need to be 400+ words long). So, once the update lands, you can use the forum, or [email protected] to submit your articles.

Let’s do this!


I have got 20 gyms now … The game will not allow me to put my Pokemon in the 21st gym it errors out…

The new system puts a cap at 20 gyms. (I guess it’s another defense against spoofers.) I really don’t know how someone with a full time job could maintain more then 10 gyms anyway. I took 11 last night and still have only 5.

My Politoed was in a gym. Before I assigned it to the gym I had marked it as favourite.
After it returned from the gym it is not a favorite … Did any one notice this. I am seeing this after they tried to introduce the functionality to feed gym defenders from Pokemon screen.

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Sure thing, it also happened to me, I put “Gyarados, Blissey, and Espeon” all favorite marked, and when they returned none had the favorite mark… Not big issue, but this had protected my Pokemon of being transferred by mistake… ohh I got a Pikachu transferred by a little cousin, he though it was being transferred to him :joy: now my Pokemon list page is full of favorites :grimacing:

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