I'm going here:

10ralts :grin::grin::joy::rofl:


That looks absolutely amazing. Good luck!

It’s a theme park. I’m going to the Santa Monica Pier on Friday so this is a big week
I’m a counsouler at my camp :sweat_smile:

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Where are all of you guys (show map and pokestops)

Outer Banks, NC. No Pokestops or gyms within view of my house.

Hmmm, @Luna_Kit is in NC

Talking about that. I am going here in two weeks

(Eiffel tower)
And to here

(Disneyland Paris)

Disclaimer: these pics were pics i took Some months ago when i went to Paris for a weekend


Oh! Have fun! Eiffel tower is sweet and I’ve been a few times to the Disneyland in California.

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