(I'm Brazilian), HELP ME PLZ?

Hello people.
I’m from Brazil

The following message appears. ‘Unable to sign in. Please make sure this account exists.’

Yes, this account exists, and this is the real one, I already sent help to niantic, it did not solve, I already reinstalled, I deleted cookies, reclosing, and even putting repair programs, and none of them worked.

I have not been banned, I want to know how do I solve this problem?

This image

I had this problem a few times, are you putting the correct name in?
If you have PTC, you need to lut in the PTC name, not the PoGo name
Otherwise, I dont remember how we actually solved that, good luck

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I get that msg serval times a day. Sometimes in the middle of game play. Often it just returns back to game ok but when it doesn’t shutting down the app and restarting it fixes the issue.
Only on one occasion that has not re-loaded my acct. What fixed that one was powering down the phone and re-booting that.

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