If gym placement wasn't based on CP, what would you use? EDIT: Gym placement is not based on CP anymore!

If CP was eliminated altogether, or at least gym placement wasn’t based on CP, what pokemon would you be putting in gyms? I would for sure be putting Dittos in every gym! :smile:

I would love to see a lot more of the pokemon without evolutions used (Magmar, Electrabuzz, Aerodactyl, etc) I think they are all cool, but very useless currently.


Exactly! Without the CP formula, players could just put in their favorite pokemon, without worrying about being on the bottom. As of now, there is virtually no variety in gyms.(Dragonite, Tyranitar, Blissey, Gyarados, etc.) If the system were redone, there would definitely be more variety in gyms. For example, There are a lot of defenders that are better than Gyarados, such as Umbreon and Chansey, but people just put in the low-HP low-defense Gyarados to be at the top of the gym.

I talk about this in my own post about wanting to chang the CP formula so pokemon like umbreon, fortress, steelix, etc can be placed in gyms. The current formula heavly favors pokemon with high atk, so those are the ones being placed high in gyms


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It should be ordered by time of entry to gym, then you could do what you wanted, plus those in early etc. but lower level wouldn’t always be first out when it was hit.


or use the level of the pokemon to decide placement, otherwise what will be the point of fully leveled pokemon?

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Yeah, that would be a good idea. They could also do it so when you fight a gym, the order of pokemon you fight is completely random, and a random pokemon gets out each time the gym level is taken down. In the main series games, you never knew what pokemon your opponent was going to send out next, and it would be cool if gyms worked in a similar way.


Forever dropping the same pokemon. I wouldn’t mind dropping a non evolved or nontank. But gotta get these coins so dropping Blissy is the game.

I put everything in I want to put in, but mostly directly-transfer Pokémon.

I do quantity instead of quality. Have a certain route I take to work and leave throw away mons everywhere. Usually have my 50 coins before 7 AM.

(Or Gardevoir)