Ideas to improve the battle system[ARTICLE]

Ideas to improve the battle system.
At this moment Pokémon GO dont has a super great battle system. The lack of strategy is big. Strength is (almost) the only thing that matters. And you can only use 2 diffrent moves. Here are some ideas to improve the battle system.
A 3rd/ 4th move.
At this moment we only have quick moves and charge moves. So most of the people just spam quick moves and do there charge move if there ready, so there isnt much strategy in battle. So it would be a good idea to make a way to add more strategy. My idea is to add a 2nd quick and charge move. You can choose wich quick move to use, and if you have enough energy you can use one of your charge moves. Energy will count for both charge moves so if you use charge move 1 charge move 2 its energy will also lower. This will add more strategy because you can add for example a quick move with high dps and a quick move with high eps.
Changes in type effectiveness.
At this moment we have a diffrent type effectiveness system then the core games, wich is ok but there must be changes. For example a double weakness in Pokémon GO does less extra damage then a normal supet effective move on the core games. So i guess we need to higher super effective damage. Like normal super effective to x1.5 and double super effective to x2.25. And also lower not very effective to x0.5 and double not very effective to x0.25, and no effect to x0.
Leveling by batteling.
In the core games then main way to level up was batteling, in Pokémon GO there is no way to level up by batteling, wich actually is a good idea. So lets add a leveling by batteling system. Each pokemon will get a xp bar. When tje xp bar is half full, the pokemons level will increase by 0.5, once the bar is full, the level again will increase by 0.5 and will reset and make it a little bit harder to lvl up. But now the most important part, gaining xp. Everytime you defeat a pokemon in a gym you will gain the oposing pokemons cp / 100 xp for your pokemon (The minimum xp is 1, you cant get 0 for defeating a 10 cp pokemon). If you win a raid you will get the raid tier x 100 xp.

How good are my ideas?

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I like the second part about leveling and XP. The first part don’t bother me so much.

I like more strategy in the game by having more quick and charge moves

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The good in this game is, that there are several ways to play it…

Not a big fan of the leveling, I think I got used to what we have now
And I disagree with the type effectiveness, the damage is fine the way it is, 4* effectiveness would break many Pokémon more than enough (yet 0* effectiveness could be managed well with more moves)
As for the first part, it would make battling a lot easier, but you would still just spam the two best moves and neglect the other two

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I wish they’d bring training back. That was how I’d get rid of trash Pokemon. Make them fight until they passed out, then transfer them. Now I just get rid of them by leaving them in gyms. Then I get rewarded when they get kicked out. What kind of system is that? I liked the old style where you get rewarded for defending your gym, not getting kicked out of it.


I think because of the old way, you got coins for just putting a mon in a gym…now, what i dont like, is that i have my 98 blissey in a gym right now, and its been there for the past 3 1/2 weeks…THAT is what they need to change

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This system is better for rurals

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What do you think of it @apavlinovic ?
Are there anythings i need to change for (maybe) posting it on the hub.

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Yes, and while sometimes it is good when someone else feeds your pokemon in a gym, it can be annoying when you just want it back for the coins yet someone has been feeding it golden razzes for days on end, i’m not bothered about defending for a long time, I just want my 50 coins a day!

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Some people like the new system, some people want the old system back. Here are some of my ideas, but lets discuss below.

I also think we should get stardust along with our coins from gyms.

I also think we should be able to claim coins using the old system (to an extent).

Here’s how it could work. The old claiming system returns. This means you get 10 coins per gym, per day. The max could be 50 or 100. When your pokemon gets kicked out it gives you all the coins it has, up to 50 a day, as it does now. That way, it works for both kinds of areas. Now the number would be 10 hours as for 1 hour 40 after claiming the coins for a gym the pokemon do not pick up any more.

How it works for both kinds of areas.
The stagnant areas.
Gym stagnant areas are areas where gyms stay the same team for weeks, or even months. They would benefit from the coin claiming system as having a pokemon knocked out the gym is rare.

The high turnover areas.
These areas would see little to no change. In areas where 8 hour 20 treuces are in place those would have to be pushed up to 10 hours.

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