Ideas for pokemon GO

1-Intercambiar pokemons
2-Batallas 1vs1 entre jugadores
3-Tercera Generacion
4-Sistema Añadir amigos como un bloc o algo por el estilo (Con informacion nivel y Equipo)
5-Poder ver a tu compañero en el mapa y a los amigos
6-Añadir Nuevas Pokeballs
7-Dar mas pociones apartir del 30 en pokeparadas y ginnasios
8-Evento de Regionales(Generacion primera)
9-Eventos de doble exp,Polvos y Kilometros
10-Añadir Centros pokemons cuando no tienes pociones y pueden revivir a todos por completo
11-Poner tiempo en Radar pokemon salvajes para saber cuando desaparecen
12-Poner tiempo en las paradas para saber cuando volvera girarlas
13-Añadir Nuevas Ropas de:Invierno,Verano,de la serie de ash ketchup.ect
14-Poder hacer que tu personaje que pueda montar en bici como en los juegos Nintendo

1-Exchanging pokemons
2-Battles 1vs1 between players
3-Third Generation
4-System Add friends as a pad or something (With information level and Equipment)
5-See your partner on the map and friends
6-Adding New Pokeballs
7-Give more potions from 30 in pokeparadas and ginnasios
8-Regional Event (First Generation)
9-Events of double exp, Powders and Kilometers
10-Add pokemon centers when you have no potions and can revive them all
11-Put Radar time in wild pokemon to know when they disappear
12-Make time at the stops to know when you will turn them again
13-Add New Clothes from: Winter, Summer, from the ash series ketchup.ect
14-To be able to make your character who can ride a bike like Nintendo games


También, Nosotros necesitamos a poder batallar un adversario quien es ataca tu gimnasio.

Niantic basically needs to just add all core elements that you see in the cartoon. If they can at least do that then POGO will be a billion times better. If they try to do it like the handheld way it might be to complicated. Basically like goldilocks and the 3 bears you don’t want to complicated and you don’t want too simple you want just right. And basically copying the cartoon would be just right. Currently the game is way way way too simple.

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Yes, that’s been the problem with this game since the start. Now, I understand that in the beginning, while everyone and their brother were playing the game in mass crowds, it made sense to design it around casual players, since many players weren’t too focused on battling, IV’s, movesets, etc. They just wanted to go out with their friends, see what all the hype was about, and just catch a few Pokémon. Now here we are, a year from launch, and the amount of players playing the game is still a lot, but not nearly as much as during launch. And who is still dedicated to playing this game after all this time? The hardcore players. Those who never gave up and kept up the grind since launch. But the problem has occurred that gyms have actually become WAY MORE casual-player oriented than they were, even at launch! I mean, this system encourages players to put in weak Pokémon, just to get coins or not have motivation drop fast, and almost any level 8 player can take down an unmotivated gym with snorlax, Blissey, etc. I’m not sure why Niantic is continuing to pursue this route for the game, but so many players today would be thrilled with a new gym system that favors the competitive, hardcore players, and added new features.(like PVP tournaments, turn based battles, abilities, etc.) Even my friends who ARE casual players say they would prefer turn-based combat. So that’s how we stand today. Unless Niantic changed their focus, we can’t expect too many awesome updates to arrive any time soon (other than mewtwo and gen 3)