Ideas for next CD's

I have some good ideas for next CD’s:


I dont think Lotad
Idk why

I posted this earlier on the forum.

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Most likely lavatar if I had to guess. Thought I would like to see a community day earlier or later in the day as its getting hot here in AZ.

larvitar yes plues increased tyran raids and doule xp for beating it tyranitar only

I feel like they would try and finish up gen 1 & 2 for CD before starting to throw in gen 3 & 4 mons in CD

One of the reasons for these community days are to make certain pokemon more meta-relevant.
Frenzy Plant has made Venusaur a lot better. Blast Burn will do the same for Charizard. Some pokemon have good stats but bad movesets.
I’m thinking of Kingler (Crabhammer), Donphan (ground fast move), Kabutops (rock fast move),…

I don’t think they will do a community day with any Gen 3 pokemon this year.

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I agree with @magoose6. I’d love to see Community Days used to make useless or near useless pokemon relevant or at least situationally useful.

I also actually hope that we don’t see rare pokemon too often. The whole rarity system loses it’s meaning, if everyone can get a full team of level 30 versions from community days. And it makes the effort you made to get and evolve your rare, powerful pokemon feel meaningless, as you could just have waited for that one to come up on CD.

Even more, community days with powerful creatures make me feel bad for those who can’t participate because they are working or otherwise unable to participate. Getting horrendously left behind on power curve just because you can’t play on one day would feel bad. (I’m looking at you, Dratini community day.) I know I have friends who couldn’t make it on Dratini day and are now significantly behind on power in legendary dragon raids compared to those, who did take part.

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  • June = Larvitar

  • July = Squirtle

  • August = Chansey

  • September = Chikorita

  • October = Abra

  • November = Cyndaquil

  • December = Ralts

If I’m right, everybody can edit it. At least every Regular. Please only fill in what you think will come as a CD in the month you choose, and let it be normal.
You are allowed to remove other trainer’s ideas (also the Larvitar), or put in … / … . (For example: Larvitar / Bagon / Beldum.) Don’t remove months or this text. Otherwise, this post will be removed.

How did you do that edit thing?

With ‘Make Wiki’

I thought with this icon but I’m not sure.

Yes btw I had Tom edit your text because you put September twice and no December

Oh lol. I saw it. Thanks for the edit.

So much to look for in the future