Ideas for future updates that would make Pokemon Go better

1. A challenge system
For solo players a challenge system could be implemented as an alternative way to obtain legendaries. For example:
To have a chance to catch Entei this month:
Hatch 50 eggs
Walk 100 km
Catch 30 fire type Pokemon

At the end of the month, you have a chance to catch entei. Like with raids it would use premier balls. Depending on how many of the challenges you beat you would get a different number of premier balls. For example:
1 challenge beaten = 4 premier balls
2 challenge beaten = 8 premier balls
**3 challenge beaten = 14 premier balls as an extra reward for defeating all challenges. You could also get raid rewards like rare candies, golden razz berries or TMs for finishing all 3 challenges before the end of the month.
Entei would be similarly difficult to catch as in the normal raids. You could buy another quest for coins if you already had the legendary.

2. A Pokestop and Gym Request System
This one would be pretty simple. As Pokemon go is no longer as popular as it used to be, the amount of the requests would be somewhat more manageable. An idea would be that you need a request ticket to request something. This could cost 100 coins or you could get one from a 7 day streak pokestop. This would make sure to an extent that everyone could request a pokestop or gym but not so that people could spam.

3. Better Items

Part 1 - Berries
I would like quite simply to see a double stardust and maybe double exp berry. It would be an interesting feature that would kind of make the berries feel more complete.
Possibly also a berry to lower the chance of a Pokemon running away.

Part 2 - Pokeballs
I think that new pokeball types would be nice addition. There could be some or all of the following:
Dusk ball - increases catch rate at night
Heavy ball - increases catch rate dependant on the weight
Quick ball - increases catch rate on first throw. This could have some raid potential as well.
Timer ball - increases catch rate every time Pokemon breaks free.
Master ball - guaranteed capture but it may need a new capture method to insure that it doesn’t miss, or get attacked away.

4. Better equality
Right now the game is pretty unfair. To get the best experience this quick list of 13 things must all occur or have occured.

  1. Use an apple device, not android (for AR+)
  2. Not be on the update where Pokemon go plus doesn’t work on Apple.
  3. Be in a big city for all the following reasons
    Better spawns
    More pokestops
    More spawns
    More gyms
    More raids
    More people to do the raids
    Higher likelihood of having spawns, pokestops and gyms in your home
    More and better nests
  4. Use social media (for raids)
  5. Have means of transport faster than walking (for raids)
  6. Own a Pokemon Go Plus
  7. Live in an area where all the local pokestops are accessible, to stop the frustrating moment when a Pokemon you want is in a pokestops in a park which is shut. (Happened with me and a Gyarados)
  8. Have enough people of other teams in your area to knock down the gyms.
  9. Have enough people in your team to keep up the gyms.
  10. Be on Google account and not PTC account (Google is far more stable when the servers go down)
  11. Live in the right country (because sponsored gyms get far more EX raids than non sponsored gyms)
  12. Have enough active players to complete raids (a bit of an overlap with 3.)
  13. Have a schedule that can be changed quickly and without much warning (so that if a legendary raid appears you can arrive in time)

If all of these have a 1 in 2 chance of happening, then 1 in every 8192 people would have this perfect occurrence. Obviously some of these things are far more (or less) likely than that. But the fact of the matter is that many of these things could be fixed by future updates.

  1. Bring AR+ to android.
  2. Fix Go Plus on iOS.
  3. Make the challenge system as said above for raids and add the request system for more pokestops and gyms.
  4. Add a challenge system for those who don’t like social media, and make an easier way in game to connect with people.
  5. Unfixable by updates. Making raid timers longer would be an improvement though.
  6. Unfixable by updates.
  7. A feature to disable certain pokestops from nearby list.
  8. Make all gyms be knocked down automatically after 7 days because your Pokemon are too tired.
  9. Unfixable by updates.
  10. Unfixable by updates besides making PTC more stable.
  11. Add sponsored gyms and pokestops to all countries.
  12. Add a challenge system.
  13. Make raid timers longer.

5. A new tracker set up
The current tracker is nice. It is good to be able to see exactly where the Pokemon are. But… I feel like there are some imperfections with it.

  1. If a Pokemon is not near a pokestop you don’t see it. This is annoying because if your route doesn’t involve any pokestops then you can’t see what’s around. It is also annoying when there are 4 sentret at the one pokestop so you can’t see anything else nearby. A way to fix this is to add a button that when pressed changes to the old sightings system.

  2. It gets filled up very easily. This is a problem when there are 15 Pokemon near pokestops in a park. If there is 8 sentret 5 spinarak a spearow and a dragonite in a park then you would want to see the dragonite. If you are in the wrong spot then you will just see sentret, spinarak and maybe spearow. With sightings you would see all 8 sentret as one. Same with the 5 spinarak. So then there would be: 1 sentret 1 spinarak 1 spearow and 1 dragonite on the sightings. This could be implemented with that button or by adding a nearby filter option.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading that. I didn’t want to make it any longer than this because it would take forever to read anyway. Leave your ideas below this! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I would want 1km, 2km, 4km, 6km, 8km, 10km, 20km eggs respectively for different Pokemon because certain Pokemon shouldn’t be in certain eggs.


I would also want Pokemon Centers that replaced like 1/10 pokestops that healed your pokemon for free and had a pokestop that you can spin to only get revives and potions. This would really improve the game. I would also want a prize wheel that has instant open eggs, stardust, xp, coins, etc. You would be ale to spin it every 10 km.


What you suggest is completely broken, and would make potions and revives useless


They just need to increase the drop rate for revives…I have plenty of potions and just can’t get any revives. I’ve had to start removing mons from battle before they faint because I don’t have enough revives. If it’s a mon I power up, I can do that to get him 1 HP and then just use a potion. The only way I get them is from raids and even then it’s 2-3 at a time which isn’t even enough to revive the mons you used in the raid sometimes


I actually have an idea of how to make it less broken. Niantic could check the place you play the game most and then then make a 1km radius circle around it. They would check the number of spawns there and then divide it by a large number for rarer types e.g Dragon or ice. They could use different multiples for different types. For example, catching 100 normal types in a month is relatively easy, but catching 100 dragon types in a month is almost impossible. (I have caught 38 dragon types total - that is about 2 per month if I haven’t counted wrong). The alternative is Niantic track every Pokemon that spawns in a 1km radius around any player. They could slow down the lag by making a level 30, 25 or 20 limit (35 wouldn’t work as a rural solution because often there isn’t enough spawns, pokestops and gyms to get to that level) Then they could sort the spawns into types, and then divide by 10 to 100. That would allow time for sleep, work etc. What might be a nice idea is for people is to choose the divide amount. It wouldn’t say that but there could be a slider of cp. If you slide it to the left the cp decreases but the challenge also decreases. If you slide it all the way to the right it will be maxed out but the challenges are also very difficult.
If you put the slider in the middle you get the normal level 20 Pokemon. So it could work like this.

Slider at 0% - level 1, but divider of 100
Slider at 10% - level 4, divider of 90
Slider at 20%, level 8, divider of 80
Slider at 30%, level 12, divider of 70
Slider at 40%, level 16, divider of 60
Slider at 50%, level 20, divider of 50
Slider at 60%, level 24, divider of 40
Slider at 70%, level 28, divider of 30
Slider at 80%, level 30, divider of 25
Slider at 90%, level 32, divider of 20
Slider at 100%, level 34, divider of 15


Great idea, but I don’t think Niantic would take individual players catch records and local spawn records into account, if they do decide to be implement a system like the one you’re suggesting. It would most likely be “catch 150 weather boosted Pokemon” rather than “catch 75 Dragon types”


With regards to new egg types, I feel like a balance is necessary but maybe the legendaries in 100km eggs might not be the worst thing. Might actually be quite nice, although it would take a while to hatch.

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Maybe a pokestops module like the lure module would be a better solution.

(For Pokemon centres)

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maybe they could replace like 1/100 pokestops


Still broken, no need for potions if you have this
Or, if you would make it more rare then some people might never get it while others would be able to keep healing there


Pokemon go players should be able to add stops and gyms. I higly doubt it will ever happen. But maybe something like this.

Level 35 +
Request a stop. Max 3 stops per week. Stops get appraised by lvl 35 and above players + Niantic at the end of the week. If all is clear the stop goes active a week after approval.

Level 40
Same as the previous but can also request gyms. Niantic decides at the end of the month if its suitable. One gym request per week.


As if Niantic would want to do anything other than sit on its money and tweet stupid tweets like “hurr durr who would you bring against Alakazam raid boss, a poison snake that dies to first Psycho Cut or a Zangoose that dies to the first Confusion”


A good idea? Yes. But there is one problem. In towns where no pokestops exist getting to level 35 is almost impossible.

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What do you suggest, they cant let everybody suggest


People who have no pokestops within a km radius could get an option to request once.

I have no pokestops within a km radius but I can walk to one in 15m.


how would this make revives more common?


Hopefully the game will improve for all


Report them to niantic

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