Idea to help Rural Players: Pokecamp

What I would love to see is an item called Pokecamp.


  • Creates a Tent and Camp at your location
  • Duration 30 minutes
  • Creates a temporary Pokestop with a Lure Module
  • Disappears if you move more than 30 meters away from it (to account for possible rural drift)
  • Cannot be deployed within 25km of any other pokestop or gym
  • Available through the Shop (cost TBD?)

Just a brainstorming idea. Would be a fun and needed for some folks.


Good idea, but rural players won’t like the idea of having to pay for this feature.

Since rural players (taking your example of 25km away from a gym) are far from a gym, they can’t earn coins from defending gyms, therefore they would have to buy them with real money.

Paying real money for every time you want to use this feature, and for it to only last for 30 minutes? This would cause an outrage with rural players! Trying to get your 7-day streaks would take a toll on your wallet!


I like the idea! Pokecamps, as you’ve thought up and outlined, appears to be the inverse of what incense does for rural trainers. While incense gives rural players some Mon’s to catch while they are out and active the Pokecamp would give the trainers the opportunity to stock back up on balls. I’d argue that the only way a poke camp would be effective for a rural trainer is if it only dropped poke balls. This is becasue if the stop were to go away in 30 minutes that would mean that a trainer would only get to spin the stop 6 times in the 30 minute time period. The current rate in which items drop from poke stops would not be enough to justify purchasing it in the shop (most poke stops drop 3-4 items). Receiving 3-4 items 6 times over the 30 minute time period would mean that a trainer could realistically expect to gain somewhere between 18-24 items (pokeballs). This will never happen though, considering Niantic priced the cost of 20 poke balls in the shop at 100 coins.


The Pokecamp is a great idea in concept but to get value for a rual player I think it should have at least 4-6 Poke Stops and run for at least an hour.

If you want way out there it could also come with a Gym that has a time limit on it before it collapses and all Pokemon are automatically returned.

Example of how it could work. You can only drop the camp in Public access areas, it has a Gym in the centre and 4 Pokestops in the corners. The Stops last 1hr before they collapse and disappear. The Gym remains for either 12 or 24hrs before it too collapses and disappears.


Multiple temporary stops would be a cool addition. It might also be interesting if players had a single infinite Pokecamp that had a cool down say once every 24 hours. Make it last an 30 mins to an hour, and allow players to join with friends to make an area with multiple stops. Niantic could make money via lure sales.

I would set it so that only a limited number could be set at a given time and they had to be at least 1 km away from permanent pokestops.


Thats actually super interesting, would appreciate something like this.


Keep in mind, I was brainstorming, so the idea is about as thought out as the time it took to post it. :slight_smile:

It would be nice to refine the idea some more, and perhaps communicate a more thoroughly thought out idea to Niantic. My game design experience is somewhat limited, so this was the start of it to toss out and see if we can improve on it. Keep the ideas flowing. :thumbsup:

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Larian, we’ve always enjoyed your articles in the past, maybe you can write one about this idea? :slight_smile:

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I am not one for writing speculative articles of this nature. Although, given my experience with Niantic through Ingress as well as how in the past I have managed to get into other gaming communities (in particular an MMO called Dark Age of Camelot), maybe I can give some tips, hints, or strategies for “ingratiating” yourself with a gaming company? Although I don’t see that as a very exciting article! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

GO Hub users will finish the job of writing articles.:grinning:

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Maybe make not in range of 250M?

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Instead of 25 KM range, maybe like 1 KM or 5 KMs

No distance should be required, even rural areas can be less than 1km away from just a Pokestop


That’s a great idea!

I like it! I had proposed a few other ideas to help us rural trainers and agents as well.

Maybe start a kind of daily defender-style system to say that if a player isn’t near a stop, it gives them items, like stardust and pokeballs

Have quests made the game better for rural players?

The sad thing: one of my only raid legends was moltres

You already had Moltres before quests?

Good work for a rural :wink: