[Idea] Niantic Sponsored Tournaments

After Niantic introduces 1v1 gym battles, do you think Niantic will organize tournaments?


Biggest hope on my side, but we will probably have to wait at least 1 year


I agreed with @ProfOak however before they can even introduce a PvP tournament, they will need to have a ranking system for PvP so yea another year just for that

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It’s definitely an interesting topic! I know so many people with a lot of 100% Pokemon, I wouldn’t be able to compete even though I love battling :frowning:

I would assume when and if they do a tournament it would be like the ones in Sun and Moon at the end, the battle tree, where you have maybe 3 or 6 pokemon and they are set to a CP level, i.e. the CP is capped at say 2000. Then it becomes more of a battle about typing, moves and skill as oppose to just having the best pokemon!

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IVs are good and all, but CP, moveset, and Type Advantages play into battles too. You can knock down a decent CP Pokémon with 100% IVs, with horrible IVs, less CP, and killer moves.

Strategy. :blush:

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I’m in the SF Bay Area close to Niantic HQ. I hope they host a tournament.

1v1 will not only rely on IV dude ! Maybe the fighting system will change and if it remains the same, a good dodger will always win :slight_smile:


I would also like to see Tournament Play. What I mean by Tournament is basically just like in the Pokemon Cartoon we’re Ash earned his 8 Gym Badges then competed in the indigo plateau. Maybe they can do something similar to that both Locally and Globally. Maybe something like if you meet a certain Gym Requirement each week then on each Saturday they could designate some Gyms per City for Tournament play. Then for Global Tournaments it could be like every few Months or so.

As I’ve said before, I highly doubt Niantic will officially organize tournaments. They cater too much to the casual player base, many of whom will not have sufficiently powered up Pokémon to even participate in tournaments. The only way I can see this happening is if Niantic seriously changes their focus in the game from casual-pleasing to a focus on the more hardcore and competitive player base.