[Idea] Items with effects in battle

Hi guys. Today I was thinking about the sistem to be the battle more accessible for other pokemons that nowadays arent in the meta.

Maybe, could put in the game, some items that make a diferent efect. This efect should be so easy to understand for the ccasual players (the 90% of the people that play poke GO and dont know about the clasic games).

First of all, we need to know about the diferente between ATK and DAMAGE. ATK is the basic hidden stat of the pokemon, and DAMAGE is the points of DAMAGE of the skil, and it can be upgraded with weather bonuses.

Some pokemons are really good Glas Canons, but are not used because they are more Glass than Canon. With a item that upgrade his Damage or the ATK, it can be the key for a lot of Glas Canons to be more competitive. Pokemons like Absol, Breelom, Gengar, etc…

Others pokemons very tankys arent not used nowadays. To def Gyms, just we use a lot of pokemons of Normal Type. The normal Type are the pokemons with more HP in the game, and they usually, have psyquick or fairy move to counter the type fight. In the game, exist a lot of others tanks in other typer like Rock, Steel, Poison, Water, etc…
If the gyms are full of Normal Types, the people just atack with Fight Atacks and never play with a Multi-Team, just play with MonoType team.
With some items like Rocky Helmet we can do a Pasive Damage, With Assault Vest some pokemons like shukle can be in the meta, and other pokemons like Onix with Evolite, can be a hard Tank. It can open the door for other tanks in the game for a Gyms, doing it more diversity.

Last, some personal items like Light Ball or Thick Club can be the key to make competitive some populars pokemons that nowadays are usless.

In the future, we will have the Mega-Evolution and Z-Moves. Is so posible that we should a place to equip items in our pokemons. We can start with some items that upgrade any stats or damage of the pokemon, and in a few years, let us the Mega-Evolutions and Z-Moves.

Well, Thanks for read it, and let me your opinion about this posible feature that I think that can be the first steep for the PvP


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Am i the only one who likes this?

Sounds really cool tbh and could fix the meta of using the same 15 Pokemon for every battle (I mean you alternate counters, but still)

Apparently not

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