Idea for: PVP vs Friend / Ai/npc

So for every trainer we create our party, such as whats already in-game.

Now thats a “shadow of our party” and you can battle your friends “shadow party”. it will be their exact same pokemon but in gym format and they can atk and switch. it would be ai/npc style.

thats 1 mode.:fire:

the other is an actual “arcade” style, it would include ; highscore.
It would be 3 modes: shadow/ash/recommended

they give points
shadow - 3
ash - 2
recommended - 6

shadow rivial - has lvl40, All mons are counters. iv 90 pokemon. uses charge move after you used yours first.

Ash- has 80 iv pokemon, pokemon lvl35. doesnt use good counters. Doesnt use charge moves.

Recommend vs - All counters. All 100 iv pokemon. Uses charge move whenever. Fast pace battle like T5. Lvl40.5 pokemon.

  • Yes i want to face my friends shadow party
  • No

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  • Yes i like the arcade style battles
  • No

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  • I like both Friend and Arcade battle
  • I like highscore
  • I dont like none of it
  • i like all of it ( friend/arcade/highscore)

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I don’t understand system.

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Just like in a gym battle, but instead it will be your friends party.

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I will re read later in the day then I will give a good response. Currently busy with real life.

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This major focus on battling, probably come up after Version 3 of PVP, not the start.

I will say this If PVP is not a Totally Awesome Turn Based Battle System then I will probably quite PokéMon Go. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

It wont be turn base. That would change so much i wouldnt even understand this game if it played like the handhelds.

Go is more “LIVE” fighting. It happens in real time.

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The future I don’t think is staring at our phones wile we walk. I think what is futuristic is that we are actually basically living and breathing as Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town in a Fully Immersive Augmented Reality World Overlapping with the Real World. So if that were to eventually happen then yes I would want the Battle System to be Live and exactly like the Cartoon where the Pokémon move and act like humans like they do in the Cartoon. Although even in the Cartoon their is a Turn Based Battle System but it’s Live at the Same Time the Pokémon don’t just stand there and take the attack head on they actually try to dodge the attack and etc… Now we are currently not even close to this Futuristic Augmented Reality World Overlapping with the Real World. So, until then the Battle System should be a Turn Based Battle System but that of what you see in the Main Series Games. Were not ready for a Live Version of a Turn Based Battle System like you see in the Cartoon. In the Cartoon it is a Turn Based System but it’s Live Unlike in the Main Series Games the Pokémon actually dodges the attack instead of just tacking it straight on like in the Game.

No, I would rather never play Pokemon than to feel like Ash…

Jokes aside, turn based doesnt fit into GO and its boring otherwise

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Turn base will never be in Go.

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I agree that a Turn Based System will Never be in a Go Game, but I am still hoping :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray: that it willl happen. Because I fill like tapping the Phone 20,000 times and swiping 10,000 times to attack and dodge is really boring.