I would like a raid alternative

I would like in the future a raid alternative. A way to get rare candies and grberries and TMs without having to do a raid. Level 4 and 5 raids are completely impossible in my town even with its decent size playerbase not enough high level players. I want a way to get these items at any speed and consistency without needing to rely on other people.


The point of these items is to be special, and the point of raids is to accumulate enough people
I dont see why should they change it

I don’t want them to change the raid system as it is enjoyed by many people. I would just want a 2nd way to get these items.

They could come from stops very rarely (like evolution items, you could also get some on your 7 day streak) or maybe as rewards for leveling up.

I like the pokestops idea a lot - maybe every 100th stop will give you raid class rewards as if you just defeated a level 2 or 3 raid. The problem I suppose would be rural areas without pokestops in abundance. I am quite lucky in that way. I have pokestops. In a rural area with one stop you would have to be at a stop for over 8 hours spinning every 5 mins. Whereas in an area with 20 pokestops in a 5 minute circuit you could be done in 25 mins.
Still a cool idea, but does worsen urban : rural gameplay standards.

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They still need to release mew, smeargle??? ( sorry if that not how it spelt) and delibird before gen3 I think… more so mew so everyone can complete gen1 Pokédex at least

Mew is a mythical, Delibirb and Smeargle will get out before him