I wonder what the Gym Spoofers are doing now?

I know most of their Pokemon collection had to be 3K+ defenders that are now penalized under the motivation system. And their attackers were niche filling Pokemon used for prestiging up gyms.

I’m curious how they’re setup to handle Raiding and the number and vareity of Pokemon you need with SE attack bonuses to beat the Raid Bosses.

For example, I built an Army of Machamps to fight against Snorlax and Tyranitar filled gyms. Now my Machamp Army is doing great against these Raid Bosses.


I hardly ever see machop in the wild. I’ve only caught 20 total and I’ve been playing since day one…I would say at least 6-7 are from eggs and the rest are from a trip I made to Las Vegas. For the longest time I only had one to use against blisseys, but now with the raid system I have access to machamp, so it has been nice to use against tyranitar and snorlax

Still trying to get more alakazam…haven’t seen a raid yet, but I recently had an abra nest near me…no good IV Abras (and I caught probably fifty during the two weeks of the nest), but now I have the candy to power up a good one if I can get him from a raid

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