I wonder if snubbull and houndour both being shiny at the same time was by design

They could’ve chose any other 2 pokémon to appear as new shinies relative to raikou such as shiny elekid or shiny chinchou (which is hot by the way) but instead they give us snubbull and houndour. Great pokémon but it just seems really odd to me that they went with that pair. When I heard they were tied to research I thought nothing of it but then realizing they’re shiny I started to scratch my head wondering what’s the connection? Why put the focus on these two being shiny? Because they just randomly picked 2 names out of a hat? Then I see kirlia and houndoom as raid bosses. Fairy and dark. This I am sure is nothing but again fairy and dark. Together.

None of this is pieced together properly. No evidence suggesting what I say is a sign for anything. This I know. But I just feel as if the whole snubbull and houndour thing is the focus for something much more. Niantic loves telling us things without telling us which is one of the great things I love about them. So could this be another hint? Skeptics will say no based on little to no evidence but that’s fine. Just thought I’d share.

Probably because they are dogs too, like Raikou is.

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Raikou is a tiger.

It could be because the other dogs were released in the Lunar New Year event.

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It’s time for TPC to settle this debate once and for all.

They are dogs and now we are getting Legendary Dogs.

Ooh, good idea. Maybe they new about quests, Niantic, when they didnt include them in the lunar new year event.

Do you guys think that Houndoom is similar to a dog or a goat?



I mean it is called HOUNDoom


The reason why Houndour and Snubbull got their shiny variants, is:

  1. They’re dogs, like Raikou is.
  2. They are from gen 2 and so is Raikou.
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