I need some help with Field Research

One of the field research task that I received 5 or 6 days ago was titled “Hoenn Celebration: Evolve 3 Wurmple”. I completed this task immediately because I had been strong up Wurmple candies. The problem that I’m having is every since then, every time I go to a Poke stop I get new field research, or so it would seem. In reality Everytime I check to see what the new field research is, it’s the exact same task that I’ve already completed. I even completed it a second time just to see if that would stop the same task from continuously appearing and in hopes that I would get a new task but no luck!! Is there anyone out there experiencing this same thing?? Is it some sort of glitch in the game or is it just my app or is there something that I’m missing?? If anyone knows anything it had any ideas on how to fix it please let me know!!

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Chill… it is really possible to get same kind of task, even in a row…

I have just get 2 Hoenn Hatch 2 Eggs in a row so I am doing it simultaneously, thereby finishing it both at the same time, and save far more walking.


I’ve gotten the same one from two different stops


If you don’t like the task and don’t want to do it, just delete it


I know you can get the same task but from every Poke stop I’ve gone to for the past week pretty much I’ve gotten the exact same thing and I’ve deleted it all but twice!! It wouldn’t be weird of it were 2 or 3 times in a row but I’m talking at least 25-30 times in a row I’ve gotten the exact same task and I haven’t received anything else at all!!


Sometimes that happens. I’ve been infuriated a few times when I went five whole city blocks and see the exact same “in a row” quests. It happens.


Yeah, I’ve gotten same task I didn’t want bunch of times. Just delete them until you get what you want.

Spinning 25-30 different stops, right?