I need help on a decision!

Ok I am a rural player with like two stops within 2 miles including 1 gym, I just got enough candy for my bulbasaur to become venasaur, but I caught a shiny! I don’t know which to evolve because I wanted good ivs but it’s also a shiny please give some advice. (Since I don’t get many Pokémon out here it is unlikely I will get another evolution for a long time) One is cp 510 and second tier IVs (one under the best) and this is my other one with weak ivs

Even if the shiny is way less useful in the Meta, I’d evolve that first, at least to its first evolution, since it will become much more recognizable with that yellow bulb, further reducing the chance you will ever accidentally transfer it. Yes, I know there is a warning screen before transfering a shiny. But I also know popup windows are too easy to accidentally click through.
Least you should do, is also make it favourite, even if it has lousy CP and IVs. The more safeguards against accidental transfers, the better!

So, evolve it at least to Ivysaur. Then put it in the gym whenever you can, and keep feeding it berries (also feed any other bulbasaur/ivysaur/venusaur you encounter) for the occasional free candy. And slowly save up candies to eventually evolve your other bulbasaur to Venusaur.

510 is not enough to keep for level reasons, and, since powering up a Venusaur is pointless (especially if it doesnt have FP), I would definetly roll with the shiny

Venusaur is pretty useless, even a 100% IV one. So I definitely go for shiny Venusaur (I did the same too).

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Thanks guys

I recommed the stronger bulbasaur, if you want it to use in battle. That way you can have a strong venasuar and a shiny bulbasaur! Good luck on your decision @Duster !

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