I made a spreadsheet to organize my Pokemon a bit better

I’m terrible with keeping track with my Pokemon lineups and planning them, so I figured I needed to find some way to lay all of my battle Pokemon out in one place. I didn’t see anything that I really liked on the web, so I just decided to make my own.

You can find it here:
(PoGo Teams - Google Sheets)

I made a template from it too, so you guys can use it if you want:
(Pokemon Go Team Organizer Template - Google Sheets)

Feel free to use it, just make sure you read the first tab (!). Feel free to make suggestions too because this is the first time I’m doing anything like this. I plan to make small adjustments, but the main part of it is done. :smiley:

I made one myself in Excel. I won’t show it here because there’s like 15 sheets detailing different things, but it’s been quite helpful.


Yeah, I’ve found spreadsheets to be amazing. I used to despise them because of things we had to do in school… but… it definitely beats just using a plain old notebook.

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I never actually had to do those things in school, but it was really useful for keeping track of learning progress for tests, homework, etc. When I had online school last year.

Definitely something I’d recommend using more often

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I did a daily update of my Pokémon storage spreadsheet through the first two generations, mostly to keep track of evolve-ready counts so I could know what to evolve (instead of wasting half a Lucky Egg’s time scouting for what else to evolve. Growing storage capacity reduced the pressure to free up storage space every few days.

When Hoenn came, each full update took 2 or 3 hours, which used most of my play time. So I gradually lowered the update frequency to weekly. And when I reached level 40, I stopped the spreadsheet stuff entirely. Way too much overhead for working full-time and playing only an hour or two a day.


I update after I play from memory, then on weekends update it with what else I haven’t added yet, but I hear you with the time.

I’m not adding every Pokemon - just ones I use for battle (currently working on a more personal profile-like thing before that though).

I can’t afford more storage space because I never have enough coins at one time. I enjoy doing raids, so I like to buy remote raid passes… and incenses for events. If I really need it, I can buy more space in like 2-3 weeks, but as it’s 200 coins… and I can transfer over Pokemon I don’t use or need…

I’ve been at an approx. 273/300 Pokemon for months. Pokemon Let’s Go helps for transferring Kanto Pokemon and I have Home to send a bunch of others too. Anyone else gets sent to the void. I don’t like how much space shinies take up when transferring from Go to Home, but I’ll get all those shiny Roselia transferred eventually.


I use Google Doc Sheet to track many aspects of my Pokémon play.
Gold Gyms
Powered up to L40 & L50
Gyms grouped in areas for working on
List of all Raids done
List of all Gyms engaged
Top 5 seen by Gen


I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with all the gyms wheezes

I added a profile like thing just for fun on the sheet. I’ve been playing with it for the past week on my personal sheet and I really like it since I can’t keep up with my buddies at all.

Also adding a raid planning page.