I’m experiencing a bug

Lately when I’ve been playing the game, random Pokémon that I’ve caught before have been showing up as a silhouettes in the tab that shows where nearby Pokémon are. This isn’t a game breaking bug, but it’s just very strange to me.

It’s because they changed the code for the release of their shadow versions. Because of that the game thinks you don’t have them yet. I always solve it to catch 1 of them, so the game knows again I allready have those. But I also used it to see where Duskull is around. Tnx to the same bug he is now a shadow again and I only check them till it’s shiny. :stuck_out_tongue: Or if he gets annoying due to too many spawns in the Halloween event. But till then I can use this bug in my advantage.


I don’t understand how the silhouettes help “to see where Duskull is around”. Could you explain without compromising the benefit for yourself?

The new pokemon silhouettes always are prioritised over the Pokemon to the stops next to you in a wide cirkle. So keeping Duskull as a silhouette alwys shows every Duskull around in an area of about 1 km over the Bidoof 2 stops next door.