I knew they would do this

I knew it. They have announced they are changing the Pokemon encounter in the research box each month. That means this will be the first obtainable change. Zapdos. Not what I was hoping for but not a negative.

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I wish they wouldn’t announce it and let it be a surprise


A surprise that would be ruined by people who use exploits, I’d rather they announce it themselves


I wish they would anounce everything this early. Makes planning alot easier.

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I avoided moltres spoilers easily

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I can get my 4th Moltres encounter at midnight. Then start collecting stamps for Zapados.


we all knew they were going to change the pokemon each month for the field research.

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Well, it was a logical guess in the first week (not enough legendaries to last us a year, and not everybody would be able to clear the 7 stamps within a week), which got strengthened when we opened the box in the second week (Moltres again, so the reward is obviously not random and repeats a few times).
Effectively, Field Research will always be about a year behind raiding, and nobody really has reason to complain about the system.

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Groudon was the first Legendary I got, so I’m happy to get a chance for all the ones I missed.