I have some questions about evolving Pokemon

I have only been playing Pokemon Go for a week(I’m not sure how long you have to play to no longer be a novice at it). So, I apologize if this is a stupid question. Is evolving most of your Pokemon eventually a requirement? I love Vulpix as it is, so I don’t want to evolve all of my Vulpix. I will want a Ninetales too. I took on one of my Vulpix(Ruby, my first one) as my buddy. I wonder if it will eventually become a Ninetales after I walk quite a ways. When I finally have Eevee, I definitely will evolve it into Flareon. In order to evolve Eevee, all you have to do is put in a certain name for each evolutionary form(‘Pyro’ for Flareon). How long should I wait before evolving my Eevee once I finally get it?

As a player from day 1 who regurarly still learns stuff AND heres others still make mistakes that you ask about now: I will let you know when it happens.

No, very much not. If you want to be efficient at raids, then it is a requirement to evolve the ones that are top counters. You actually only need to evolve 1 from most pokemon. And since you need candys both for evolution AND powering up pokemon, its better to NOT evolve everything.
For some PVP leagues its sometimes also better to NOT evolve certain pokemon.

It wont. Vulpix has no additional requirements to evolve besides having the 50 candys from its family.

The name trick only works for the first one of each. So you can only make 1 Flareon with the name trick, but you can then still make the other Eeveelutions.
As for how long you should wait: Thats up to you. If you want to use it in battle/raids/gym you want to wait for a good one. If youre just a collector, there is no reason to wait.

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Hi, the questions have been answered already - but I think you could use some additional tips/information…

First - your pokemon storage is limited. You can have max 200 pokemons when you start, it is possible to expand this storage in shop - but it will still be a limit - currently 2000. So if you are catching 20 a day and keep them all - you will run out of space soon.
You saying you do not want to evolve your Vulpix. What about Vulpix number 125 which you will catch some day? Do you want to keep them all as Vulpix? Or you want to keep this one - your first - only? Same goes for Eeve - what do you want to do when you will catch 100 of them? Do you want to keep them all? Do not worry - you will, eventually, catch 100 Evves - I guarantee it :slight_smile:

To evolve pokemon - any pokemon - you need candies - this pokemon candies. You are already getting them - even if you do not know it . Every time when you catch pokemon - you get few candies of this type. Usually it is 3 - but currently it is 6 - as we have a bonus till the end of October. So when you will catch 10 Vulpixes - you will get 10x6 = 60 Vulpix Candies. That means you will have enough to evolve 1 of those Vulpixes.
What to do with other 9? Some you can keep if you like them - others you can transfer to professor. This will delete them from you storage and for each deleted one you will get an extra candy again.

So do not worry about evolving for now - just keep catching pokemons until you run out of space :slight_smile:

Buddy pokemon is also the way to get more candies. So in general you make a pokemon you buddy when you in need of some extra candies for it. Then, walking with it will give you 1 candy every 1/3/5 km. But for now you do not need to think about this too much.

Happy catching :slight_smile:


Thank you for those tips! I plan to evolve one or two of my Vulpixes, but I rather keep my buddy small and orange. I’m glad to see that each one of my Vulpixes gain candy as I use one as a buddy. So, the name trick for Flareon works with the first one? Is there another way of evolving my next Eevee into Flareon or does it have to be one of each evolution?

The name trick that permits you to choose what the Eevee evolves into only works once for each kind of evolution. The first time you evolve an Eevee named ‘Pyro’ it becomes Flareon. Every time you evolve an Eevee that has a name that’s already been used for evolving it’s as if you didn’t give it a special name – the outcome will be mostly random. You might get a Flareon, maybe something else.

The game has a way of rewarding patience, though. Postpone evolving things until you need to. As your trainer moves up in level, the quality of the Pokémon you encounter will increase, a consequence of which is that you will probably get a Vulpix later that is better than your current best. Until you start encountering 100% perfect ones, it will likely pay off to postpone evolving. The same is doubly true for powering-up Pokémon, since that uses Stardust, which for a majority of players eventually becomes the scarcest resource in the game. Save the dust as long as you can afford to.

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2500 nowadays.

oh boy… so I am not even halve way yet… (600 mon / 1200 bcpk) well… if i will keep buying 1 extension a week - I should be done in less than two years… not too bad :wink:

A couple of years from start to level 40 isn’t that unusual. Availing oneself of the jump-start type events make it possible to cut that in half, so keep on the watch for events carrying big XP bonuses.

Coordinating the use of lucky eggs when moving up in friendship levels is one of the ways to level up most quickly. And higher level raids tend to have good XP bonuses, too.

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Yeah, friendship bonuses got me from 37-40 like it was nothing! Just gotta coordinate that lucky egg. lol

It took me about 9 months to go from 37-40. Friendship bonuses definitely helped that and hatching around 100 eggs a week in August and Sept.

If you come up to NorCal you’ll find lots of Vulpix


SoCal too. It rains Vulpix here. lol

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I’ve personally never seen a ton of vulpix when I’m down in SoCal, but that’s probably because I’m always near the beach when I’m down there.

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Yeah, here in inland San Diego we are overrun with fire, rock and grass types. Vulpix, Numel, Nosepass, Charmander, Chikorita, etc.

yeah they just dropped gible and burmy last time I was in San Diego

Really? I’ve seen a grand total of one Gible in the wild. lol

We do get a handful of all three Burmy though.