I have some PokéStop questions

Where I’ve lived for the last five or six months, the nearest Stop is a 3.5 hour walk. I can’t see walking that for some Pokéballs, so I haven’t been to a stop since I moved here. Luckily, my family and I are moving into a spot near my town’s actual civilization in a couple days. There are a total of six Stops that I’ll be able to get to with relative ease, two of which are only about a 5 minute walk from my house. Because I haven’t been to a PokéStop in months, I have some questions about them.

On average, how many items do you get from a PokéStop spin?

How common are egg drops from PokéStops?

Is there a limit to how many times a day you can loot a PokéStop? Could I visit the same one every 5 minutes all day long if I wanted to?

about 3 or 4 items per spin.
I dont know about egg drops.
There is a maximum amount of stops you can spin, but im not sure how high it is. However if you spin the same stop every 5 minutes for 24 hours you only spin 288 times, and its higher than that.

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Eggs are rather common, usually you get at least one in 5 (?) stops

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Your first spin of the day gets you closer to 6 to 8 items, and when you hit the 7 days in a row spin, you usually get one of the rare evolution items too.

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1.Normally 3 or 4 2.1 in 5 3.You can spin it every 5 minutes

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My old apart building WAS a pokestop & I can testify that you can spin it all day long - well - every 5 minutes- and it will keep giving you items. And yes try to go every day because the 7 day bonus is awesome.

Also hint - if you’re ever out on the town & you’re ready to go home & it’s getting close to midnight, wait a few more minutes, go to a pokestop & spin right after. Local day resets at midnight sharp & this way you’re covered & not missing your streak buildup if you don’t get out the next day.

Enjoy civilization! (And try to be in town for this Saturday’s Community Day event - they’re awesome fun)

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Omg i take it you never had any layout lessons in school when writing any kind of report, did you?

Pretty sure each tenth spin also gives extra items, though that might be unique pokestops, not same pokestop 10 times. A former collegue of mine claimed it was a reward multiplier (like, amount of rewards x 1.25 or something like that), and that combining it with the first spin of the day (right after midnight) and doing so at a gold-badge gym under your teams’ control could yield as much as 50 items. I never bothered trying that out though.

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Do you really think I care about it?

Alright, thanks for all the info everybody, I appreciate it!

Obviously you dont, but do you really think thats helpfull what you posted? Its a mess. It takes you 5 minutes to decypher what you mean. Just put in 2 enters and you get this:

1.Normally 3 or 4
2.1 in 5
3.You can spin it every 5 minutes

And you only need 5 seconds to read it all.
If youre gonna be helpfull, actually be helpfull or just dont bother and leave it to others (who already posted that information anyways 15 hours earlier)

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Well I gave them information so I am being helpful

Come on dude, I understood what Alex said. I understand your point but it’s not that serious

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You can spin the same Pokestop all day. I work 12 hour shifts where there is only 1 stop and I spin it all day long.

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If you spin a totally new Stop you’ll get 250 Exp instead of just 50. So, visiting new towns is good.

Which leads me to my question: Did anyone notice that a Pokéstop got it’s white ring again? Had that yesterday with a Stop I often spun (its name has even changed). It’s like they deleted the old Stop and put a new one in the same place with even the same picture. Weired.

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