I got Mew! ( Karp took a long time )

I finally got my Mew.
I evolved a Magikarp when I had 440 candies right before Quests came out, took me a while to earn the candies.


I evolved my fourth Magikarp back in October so I only had like 20 some candies when this quest thing started. My daughter’s only Gyrados is a Shiny so we evolved that right away and have been powering it up so she had like no candy. My son just started the game on Christmas when he got his first phone. So we were all in the same boat with barely any Magikarp candy when quest started. Thanks to this event, we are all around 150-170 candies each right now.

I just got to stage 6 and I just used rare candies to evolve it

I just got one too!
(Why the background? I am catching this from te back Seat in a car


I need a ditto still

Question: when it says ‚Äúcatch a ditto‚ÄĚ do you need to catch one once you get that task?


Invisible Mew and just like @Brobraam I am catching it in a car

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