I got 100% Kyogre

This is the first time i have caught a 100% and what a surprise for me to get kyogre. I have missed everyone so far this is my first one.


Congrats my friend! Hopefully all of us get one, eventually…

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Forgive my ignorance but what makes it 100% I don’t understand the percentages and what qualifies for what percent. Thanks

100% means that HP, attack & defense are perfect (see appraisal of the pokemon).

And it’s weather-boosted too, nice! And Congrats!

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To cure your ignorance :wink:

Pokemon GO IV explained

Thanks :wink: that helps, I’m still a bit lost but will get it eventually. Guess that’s what happens when you wait until 35 to play Pokémon. Haha


Weather boosted??? You dog you. How hard was it? Did it have hydro pump during battle?

It actually did and so hard to beat we were a team of 11. The pokemon i had were 2 Groudon 2 raikou and 2 entei.

We all will now that niantic has fixed the animations of Kyogre.He is much closer now.

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Rayquaza will be even tougher. Much tougher. All of its charged moves have multiple bars. God help us.

I heard you can do him with 2 people if you have the perfect counters (i think 6 Jynx at level 40). The problem is no one has maxed out ICE pokemon cause they arent all that good. Maybe some have a high Articuno cause they like him, but hes not all that good.

I see people with maxed articuno and I ask myself why? They don’t even hit hard. In fact, they’re terrible. Jynx is the way to go which is why I’m going to power up 3 that I have once rayquaza is in game. She’s a glass cannon but she’s the best pokémon for the job.

I think sometimes it’s just for the looks xD I’m maxing my Articuno too. And since you can easily get some big Walrein maybe there’s no need for Jynx for those people.

the number of charge bars doesnt matter, when the pokemon gets attacked it charges a little, and if 10 people are attacking it it will always be full

I’m aware. But multi bar moves charge up way more faster. You know what I wish? I wish we could see the AI’s charged bar.

Not true, it doesnt charge fast enough to always be full
Just look at how often [email protected] use the dragon attacks and compare it to others

How me latios uses psychic or sb just as often as dc

Ive seen a Rayquaza use Aerial Ace 12 times in a row
That wont happen with a Thunder
Yes, they use it surprisingly often, especially when compared to gym Mons, but when was the last time you saw a boss execute two one-bar charge moves in a row?