I e-mailed Niantic about EX Raid and they replied

I said that the Open Street Map in my town has a lot new stuff that isn’t in the game. They actually replied regarding that. Is this new or everyone else has seen this?

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Its a standard reaction. They probably have it copied under a hotkey.

  • EX-raids are found at random gyms arround my city. Park or no (we dont have sponsored locations)
  • The people that did the EX-raid today had gym badges varying from none to silver (maybe gold but cant confirm)
  • The people that did the EX-raid today included regular raiders, and people who did their first raid 10 days ago since Draconius GO came out (literally, no joke).

Cant comment on the OSM part. Ive been sending mail about how the millitary things arround here look, didnt get a reply yet.

I know the EX Raid part was nothing but copy paste but the OSM part is actually new to me. I really hope they update the map.